How to get ready for the season

How To Get Ready For The Season

Starboard´s Dream Team riders Sarah-Quita Offringa and Oda Johanne from Windsurf University are here to help you to Get Ready For The Season! It´s time to have fun on the water and get everything ready for action.  The main topics in this video:…

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How To Tack

There are two basic turns in windsurfing — the tack and the jibe. The tack is a turn upwind, and it takes the nose of the board through the wind. Tacking is one of the key maneuvers in windsurfing, and it keeps you upwind all time.…

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How To Choose The Right Freeride Windsurf Board

What’s the definition of a freeride windsurf board, and how should you choose? A freeride board must be easy to use, cover an extensive range of conditions and be suitable for progressing riders of different abilities. Freeride boards are the most common and…

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How to Beach start

How To Beach Start

How To Beach Start When you are starting to windsurf it is smart to start practising the beach start as soon as possible. It will save your back from uphauling the sail and it is a great way to go if you want…

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How To Power Gybe in Windsurfing

How to Gybe is probably the most known subject to talk about at a windsurfing beach. A gybe is a turn you do downwind, and is a skill you must learn in windsurfing if you want to keep your hair dry! The better…

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How To Windsurf

Front Hand Position – Windsurfing Tips

Front Hand Position – Windsurfing Tips   Are you putting your front hand in the right position during your windsurfing manoeuvers? Watch the video above to see Sam Ross explaining his quick tip for your front hand position in windsurfing:     Front…

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Stance – Windsurfing Tips

Learning to windsurf and unlocking new moves can be challenging. With today’s windsurfing tip you will learn how to have a better stance. Keeping and increasing your speed is all about having the correct stance. Being able to quickly adapt to choppy conditions…

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Thumbs On Top – Windsurfing Tips

Windsurfing Tip – Thumbs On Top can make a big difference: Learning windsurfing and unlocking new moves can be challenging. Something as little as putting your thumbs on top can have a big impact on how you hold your rig. Knowing how you…

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Elbows Down – Windsurfing Tips

Learning to windsurf and unlocking new moves can be challenging. With our windsurfing tips today, you will learn how to keep a more stable sailing position by keeping your elbows down. Increasing your speed is all about having the correct stance and adapting…

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How To Carve Tack – Windsurfing Tips

Learn How To Carve Tack   Making that perfect, almost planing, carve tack is pretty high up on most windsurfers ‘to learn’ list (no matter how many years you have been sailing). The tack is the most basic moves and probably the first…

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How To Foil Gybe – Windsurfing Tips

How To Foil Gybe   Learning to foil is a whole new challenge for all of us windsurfers. The foiling gybe is the first big challenge in this new game. So after you start flying comfortably, flying through those gybes will be your…

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Learning How To Carve – Windsurfing Tips

Learning How To Carve   Learning how to carve in windsurfing is an essential prerequisite for planing through that perfect race gybe, bottom turn, or carve tack. All moves that probably are pretty high up on most of our to-do lists. Unlocking new…

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