How to light wind freestyle

How to Light Wind Freestyle

Our Starboard Ambassador and freestyler Erik Håkman from Sweden will show you how to make the most out of the light wind conditions. Are you always waiting for the perfect conditions to go windsurfing? Are you living in a place where the good…

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How to fast tack in ligh wind

How to Fast Tack in Light Wind

How to fast tack in ligh wind. Starboard Dream Team rider Federico Morisio shares some tips on how to do the fast tack in light wind conditions. Tacking helps you to change direction, but is also essential to master so you can catch…

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Beachstart quick tips

Beachstart Quick Tips

Sarah-Quita Offringa and Oda Johanne offer online coaching and clinics to take your windsurfing skills to the next level. We asked Sarah-Quita about their approach of teaching: “By having a clear plan for what you want to practice before heading out, we make…

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How to get through the shorebreak

How To Get Through The Shorebreak

Starboard Dream Team rider Federico Morisio talks you through the four steps on how to get through the shorebreak at a wavespot. Federico is constantly pushing his level in the wave discipline and also vlogs on a regular basis, giving insights on the…

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How to set up your ultrakode

How To Set Up Your UltraKode

Welcome to Sarah-Quita´s garage in Pozo! Before the 19 x World Champion competed in the PWA Wave world cup in Gran Canaria, she gave us some top tips on how to set up the 2022 Starboard UltraKode. Watch the video here:   If…

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How to set up your isonic

How To Set Up Your iSonic Slalom Board

Top slalom rider and World Champion Matteo Iachino shows how he is setting up the iSonic slalom boards. Find out where he puts the footstraps and mast base. Watch the video and find out!     THE iSONIC IN DETAIL This year we…

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Flo Jung waves

How To Cross Big Waves

Dream Team rider Flo Jung talks you through how to cross big waves with windsurfing gear. In order to ride waves you first have to get to them. In the end it comes down to timing, patience and commitment. In the video below…

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Helle Oppedal

How To Set Up Your iQFOiL Board

GET THE PERFECT TUNE! Norwegian iQFOiL and PWA rider Helle Oppedal and her little sister Tuva share some foil tuning secrets! They just released a new video where they show how to tune your iQFOiL board. If you wonder where to place the…

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Chop Hop

How To Chop Hop

It´s time to learn How To Chop Hop! If you are dreaming about jumping high off waves, you should first start nailing the chop hop. Not much can beat the feeling of jumping on your windsurfing board. The moment the fin comes out of…

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Six Tips To Avoid Catapults While Windsurfing

Your feet and body are flying through the air, and your mast is heading full speed towards the nose of your beloved board; you are hooked in and powerless, awaiting immediate impact. Follow these 6 handy tips to avoid a windsurf catapult.  …

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How to foil

How To Foil – Master Your First Flight

Learn how to foil – basic. There are several different ways we can get our first flight on the foil. Here are some easy steps to get started!   TRY WITHOUT USING THE HARNESS LINES ON YOUR FIRST ATTEMPTS It can be smart to try…

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How to get ready for the season

How To Get Ready For The Season

Starboard´s Dream Team riders Sarah-Quita Offringa and Oda Johanne from Windsurf University are here to help you to Get Ready For The Season! It´s time to have fun on the water and get everything ready for action.  The main topics in this video:…

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How To Tack

There are two basic turns in windsurfing — the tack and the jibe. The tack is a turn upwind, and it takes the nose of the board through the wind. Tacking is one of the key maneuvers in windsurfing, and it keeps you upwind all time.…

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