iQFOiL 85

Official Youth & Junior Windsurfing Class

Fin or foil, from 5 knots to 35 knots, from juniors to Olympic Gold. iQFOiL Youth&Junior is a One Design Class with official Youth&Junior Windsurfing Class status. It allows youth and junior sailors to compete using a very similar package and racing similar formats to the senior Olympic discipline, allowing them to develop the skills and techniques that will serve them well in their future Olympic campaigns.

The Concept at a glance

There are two iQFoil 85 board models: Youth & Junior and Surface-to-Air

iQFOiL 85 Youth & Junior: The Junior and Youth model with its shape based on the iQFOiL 95 with reduced proportions to adapt to lighter riders. Additional footstrap positions and reduced rail cutaway sizes improve performance in fin mode.


iQFOiL 85 Surface-To-Air: This board simplifies windsurfing: A clear path from entry level windsurfing all the way up to performance foiling in the official World Sailing Youth & Junior class.

Using the fin option, it becomes the perfect beginner and progression level board. The transition from surface to air is extra easy with extra large cutaways on the board. Even light riders can easily activate the foil for the smoothest transition into their first foiling flights.

Entry Level

Its wide outline provides a stable stance, allowing our juniors to feel safe and sound while learning the the first steps. At a length of only 215cm it’s quickly reacts to the students movements. The result: An ultrafast learning curve as students will quickly understand what effect their actions have. Thanks to the middle fin juniors can steer the boards, even with the smallest sails.


Once our kids are ready to make the next step, we will just remove the center fin and move it to the back. With the Drake Shallow 41 in the back it becomes a forgiving, early planing board for the first planing experiences.


The transition from surface to air is the next step to become a future competitor. The foil for the Junior division comes with an aluminium mast and an 800 front wing. With extra-large cutaways on the board, even light riders can easily activate the foil for a smooth transition into the first flights on the foil. The Deep Tuttle box in the tail is reinforced and ready to foil.

Like Parents Like Children

This has never existed before. The SurfaceToAir lets you teach the very first steps to your children and then take it out for a thrilling blast on the foil.

Cut Aways

Extra-large cutaways, more than double the size of the regular Formula’s, reduces the wetted area and improves take-off onto the foil.

Recessed Mast Track

Deck concave and recessed mast track for a more vertical sailing position while closing the gap between the sail and the deck of the board.

Sharp Rails and Beveled Nose

The sharp rails in the tail allows the boards to get planing and reach take off speed more easily. Additionally, the board will bounce off the water if you clip the water surface instead of sticking and throwing you into a catapult.

The beveled nose improves aerodynamics and ultimately provides more control at high speeds.


The iQFOiL range comes with a the latest generation of Drake Ultralight straps. These straps are ideal for foiling when foot pressure is lighter than regular windsurfing. The Ultralight’s elongated screw slots also allow the rider to set their back strap extra-wide using hole spacings further apart. This allows the rider’s foot to shift forward for downwind and backwards for upwind, giving perfect trim-adjustment on the fly.

Foil Box

The Foil Box is larger and stronger than a normal fin box to distribute loads over a larger area. It is built using solid sheets of 20 mm thick high-density PVC with 8 mm thick carbon fibre walls, and has a flat, parallel bottom which allows the box to take both types of foil bases: tapered ‘Tuttle-style’ base and rectangular foil bases. It is recommended for the front of the foil’s base to reach the bottom of the box. This ensures that the vertical lifting load from the foil will be carried by both the front wall of the box and the bottom wall of the box.


Components: 900 front wing for Youth and 800 for Junior | 255 tail wing with -2 degree | 115 Plus fuselage | 95 Plus fuselage | 95cm iQFOiL aluminium mast.

An Open, Modular Foil Platform

Choose your foil: Wings, fuselages and masts can be interchanged or upgraded to match rider style, budget, foil racing conditions and sport discipline.

The Fin

iQFOiL 85 Recommended fin: Drake Race 56cm (Youth and Junior).

*Fins are included only in the iQFOiL packages



iQFOiL 85


The new 85cm wide iQFOiL is the one-design board for Junior and Youth. Smaller and more controllable for younger sailors, this new size shares the same racing genes as the 95. Additional footstrap positions and reduced rail cutaway sizes improve performance in fin mode. Starting as a Junior with the Junior foil set and the 6.0 rig, upgrading to Youth only requires a larger sail and a new foil front wing. It’s the most streamlined path from foil racing at a young age to the pinnacle of sports.

Available in Starlite Carbon construction

0.6mm Australian pine wood sandwich wrapped with Military grade-glass and a full carbon bottom. A high quality value package with excellent finish. The Starlite Carbon construction feels especially crisp and has extra high impact resistance.


iQFOiL 85


The Surface-To-Air inherits the shape and construction from our iQFOiL 85 and adds a Deep Tuttle Box in center. It comes with two fins: Drake Shallow 32 for the tail and Drake Shallow 41 for the center. With this setup, it becomes the perfect beginner board. Its wide outline provides a stable stance, allowing our juniors to feel safe and sound while learning the first steps.

You can officially use the Surface-To-Air in any iQFOiL Youth & Junior competition.

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ModeliQFOIL 85IQFOIL 85 SurfaceToAir
ConstructionsStarlite CarbonStarlite Carbon
Volume153 L153 L
Length215 cm215 cm
Width85 cm85 cm
Tail Width73.7 cm73.7 cm
Thickness15.3 cm15.3 cm
Footstrap Rows1 + downwind back position1 + downwind back position
FinsDrake Race 56 cm*Drake Shallow 320 - Drake Shallow 410
Fin BoxesFoil BoxFoil Box + Deep tuttle
Recommend fin56 cm56 cm
Recommend foilFoil Aluminium iQFoilFoil Aluminium iQFoil
Fin Range52 - 60 cm52 - 60 cm
Sail Range5.0 - 9.0 m²5.0 - 9.0 m²
Weight11.62Kgs +/-460g12.06Kgs +/-460g
* Fins are included only with the iQFoil Package

Estimated weights shown to one decimal place/Average weights shown to two decimal places
StarLite Carbon : +/-5% Tolerances