2025 iGNITE

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What limits you from landing your next move? Think about it. Need more pop, faster rotation, better sliding? We developed the iGNiTEs to maximise pop and ensure clean, confident rotations. A fast, flat slalom rocker line for acceleration and speed. Extra tail volume for better slides.


Feel that instant acceleration and exciting top speed with no tail kick. Extra tail volume helps you slide through your moves more easily, and allows plenty of time to switch your feet and shift the sail in transitions and jibes. Slightly reduced thickness underneath the back foot gives you a more comfortable stance for switch moves and significantly improves carving. Enjoy the big wind range thanks to the volume redistributed from center to the front, enhancing control in strong wind.



A fast and efficient rocker gets you moving early, and keeps you powered into every move. Speed demon? You can sense the feeling of our iSonic slalom line while blasting at top speed.

Bottom Shapes

Moderate vee encourages you to reach great top speeds. The vee accentuates towards the front, enhancing comfort and confidence cutting through heavy chop.

Tail Shape

The maximum thickness point of an iGNiTE is directly under your back foot. Volume distribution concentrated between your feet gives you total control and boosts pop in all maneuvers.

iGnite 103

The new 2025 iGNiTE 103 is a serious update on its predecessor and adds even more range to this exciting line of performance Freestyle boards. Riding on a carefully retuned rockerline, the 2025 iGNiTE103 is faster yet confident and free, the 103 has abundant early acceleration and serious top speed. Equally at home in choppy freestyle conditions, the new iGNiTE 103 slides with exceptional control, adding confidence to all types of rotation moves.

iGnite 93

The 2025 iGNiTE 93 has been developed with our world class Freestyle Dream Team. No more tail kick, slightly thinner under the back foot and improved volume distribution. The result: instant acceleration and higher speed. The stance in switch moves is more natural, with smoother carves – a blast for relaxed freestylers and riders. To the airborns out there: For you, we made this board quicker to rotate. The redesigned volume distribution gives you all the pop for double or even triple moves.

iGnite 87

The new iGNiTE 87 is the perfect board for riders below 70 kg. Even riders up to 85 kg also choose this board when the wind is howling and the water conditions are choppy and wavy – Based significantly on the proven iGNiTE 93 design, with a refined, fast rocker, thinner and narrower width at the back foot, but retained width further back for enhanced pop. iGNiTE 87 is stable, fast and super easy to get it planing. Narrower strap stance improves rotation. During power moves, you feel more control in the air as the board feels compact and small. When you land a trick and slide around 360s, there’s less impact on your feet with this smaller size and it helps lighter riders rotate tricks easier.

iGnite 78 Julian Pro Model

Kids just want to push their limits and have fun. While traditional freestyle boards may limit our future rippers, the 78 Pro takes them straight to the next level. Let our youngest team rider, Julian Koldeweid, tell you what he thinks; “I finally found my Dream Board. Because the iGNiTE 78 is shorter and lighter, I am able to turn 180 degrees when going for an Air Gybe, which I never could before. Now It’s so easy to go for this move!“ Julian Koldeweid, 14 years

A Locked and Comfortable Stance

Premium Jim Drake footstraps are made from Yulex eco-foam with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel. Under your feet the 10mm thick footpads with a diamond grooving pattern provide positive grip and comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear.

Thick Pads

The iGNiTEs feature 10mm thick footpads with a diamond grooving pattern that provides grip and comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear.


All 2025 iGNiTEs are equipped with a Powerbox G-10 LSD DRAKE freestyle fin. The ultimate freestyle fin is made for quick acceleration, high top-end speed and plenty of power for tricks.



The Carbon Reflex construction is our lightest, proven flagship construction and has some of the lowest warranty rates in the industry. Using the lightest biaxial carbon provides more feel, more responsiveness and more controlled flex than conventional boards. On the water, this construction will provide you with ultimate performance. It delivers the most direct feedback from the water surface and allows for quicker and more precise movements. With the Carbon Reflex construction you’ll start planing earlier and keep more speed through turns and wind holes. For 2025, the high end Carbon Reflex is limited in stock, built to order with a custom delivery lead time.



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ModeliGNiTE 78 Julian ProiGNiTE 87iGNiTE 93iGNiTE 103
Volume78 L87 L93 L103 L
Length199 cm210 cm210 cm210 cm
Width56 cm60 cm63 cm66 cm
Tail Width37.2 cm38 cm40 cm41.8 cm
Thickness11.4 cm 12.1 cm12.8 cm12.8 cm
FinDrake 17 Ready to FreeStyle by LSDDrake 19 Ready to FreeStyle by LSDDrake 20 Ready to FreeStyle by LSDDrake 21 Ready to FreeStyle by LSD
Sail Range2.5 - 5.0 m² 4.0 - 5.5 m² 4.5 - 6.0 m² 5.0 - 6.5 m²
Weight Reflex CS 5.4 kg6.0 kg6.4 kg6.7 kg

Estimated weights shown to one decimal place/Average weights shown to two decimal places
Carbon Reflex Sandwich, Carbon Sandwich, Wood Sandwich, StarLite Carbon : +/-5% Tolerances


For every board sold, Starboard plants 3 mangrove trees with Worldview International Foundation. Each Mighty Mangrove sinks down 673kg of VCS certified CO2 during its first 25 years.

Together, our 3 mangroves offset the boards Carbon Emissions 10 X over and fund local livelihoods projects in Myanmar.

The iGNiTE has an average carbon footprint of 78 kg per board.


Buy a board & we pick up 1.4kg of beach/ ocean plastic trash – equivalent to the amount of plastic trash entering the ocean, per person, per year.

The iGNiTE has an average plastic content of 4 kg per board.