Windfoiling is a great addition to windsurfing as it can significantly increase your number of sessions. It’s a perfect way how to spend time on the water even if the wind is light. If you are tempted to try your first flights on the foil, this tutorial is a must. Our Dream Team rider Lennart Neubauer will give you a few easy tips on how to get up on the foil and your first turns. With our completely new board, Go-Fly, your first flights will be easy and smooth. The first-ever entry-level windfoil board is specifically designed to make the learning process fast and as easy as possible. Double your time on the water with the new Starboard Go-Fly! Watch the whole video below.

The new Starboard Go-Fly

Introducing the Go-Fly, our latest foil board that’s perfect for entry-level to advanced foilers! With its unique design, it makes windfoiling easy and fun for everyone. The long and flat bottom shape helps the board glide smoothly and take-off easily. Plus, it ensures smooth landings every time. The ultra-thin profile keeps you closely connected to your foil for better control. It’s very light, making it feel effortless to use. Overall, the Go–Fly gives you more time on the foil, offers a smooth ride, and helps you improve your skills until you’re ready for more advanced boards.

Go-Fly tutorial

Check out the new Starboard Go-Fly and follow Lennart on his Instagram for more windfoiling tips.