Below you will find a small selection of frequently asked questions, recieved both online and offline. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask us on our chat function.

Where can I buy a board?

Visit the Tiki Map to find your nearest Starboard dealer/shop. They will help you find the perfect board for you.

I need to buy accessories or spare parts for my board

Contact your closest dealer and they should be able to help you order whatever you need.

Browse through the Tiki Map to find your closest dealer.

How much does a board cost?

Contact your local distributor through our TIKI map. They will provide the price in your local currency.

Where can I find the Starboard product catalogue?

You can find the latest and previous Starboard catalogues on the Media tab in the menu or by clicking here.

To view the our current product overview click here.

Where can I test Starboard products?

Since 25 years Starboard has established multiple partnerships with windsurfing schools and centres all around the world. At top beaches, lakes and rivers. At these spots you can test the latest Starboard gear. Visit our map and click on “centre” to locate your nearest centre.

How can I get details from your previous products?

You can get details from our previous years’ products by checking our catalogs. Click here and then select the year.

What do I do if I have a warranty issue?

Warranty claims go through the shop where the board was purchased. If you have a problem that come from a manufacturing defect, please bring the board to the shop together with the original receipt. The shop will help take photos, videos and copies of the receipt to file a warranty claim with the Starboard Distributor.

Follow this link to read more.

How can I protect my board and what board bag size should I use?

We always recommend to use the Starboard ReCover board bags for every Starboard. To find which size fits your board visit the board bag guide by clicking here.

I scratched or I have repaired my board and I would like to know the color code of my board. What Pantone colors are Starboard using?

Every Pantone color that Starboard has been using from 2000 to 2019 can be found in the Product tab in the menu or here.


What fin should I use for my Starboard?

To find the best and most effective fin for your board, visit the product page of the board of interest. Scroll down to the specification chart and you will find recommended fin size.

Sponsorship and Careers at Starboard

If you have an interesting profile and would like to join our team of brand ambassadors, designers, marketeers and more, drop us an email:

Sticker requests

To receive some Starboard and Tiki stickers, please locate your nearest Starboard distributor and drop them a request by email.
Find your local distributor through our TIKI map.