Level up your sessions with one of the most impressive windsurfing moves out there. These 4 steps will prepare, motivate and take you through the Froward Loop. With the step-by-step tutorial from our Starboard Dream Team rider Flo Jung, you will be looping in no time. The first attempts are the most crucial ones. Therefore the preparation tips and your motivation are the most important aspects during the first attempts. Flo will talk you through the tips and tricks on how to conquer your fear and go for it. He will cover the most important technique points of the move and how to get consistent with the Forward loop.

Are you ready to finally conquer the forward loop? Check out the forward-loop tutorial by our Starboard rider Flo Jung below!

The correct technique and mental preparation 

Many windsurfers dream of learning the Forward loop. The usual stumbling block is the fear in the beginning. Catapulting yourself forward after a jump is connected with not a pleasant feeling. With a correct mindset, motivation and tips from Flo, you are on the best way to attempt your first Forward Loops. Followed by a correct technique you will level up your sessions. The forward loop technique is not exceptionally hard, but it is important you get familiar with the correct movement. The next step is to get consistent and start to land the forward loop in almost every condition. Check out his video tutorial and finally go for it!

Flo Jung How to Forward Loop

Photo Credit: Samuel Tome