Construction Technologies

With over 25 years of board building experience and technological advancement of windsurf board design, Starboard continuously develops windsurf board constructions for optimal weight, ideal response, durability and strength.
As leaders in board construction & innovation, we are also pioneers who lead the windsurf board industry in creating the most sustainable and eco-friendly boards on the planet.


A hard-shell plastic wraps the entire board with an overlapping construction around the rails for extra durability. The best choice for schools and centers.


Windsurfers often look for a tech that’s crisp and exciting to ride, yet super tough and affordable. That is why we created StarLite Technology.

Starlite Carbon

The lighest and highest performance budget-friendly technology. Starlite Carbon offers an unprecendented level of high quality in a value package with excellent finish.

Wood Sandwich

Lightweight windsurf boards designed from the ground up as our lowest carbon footprint.

Carbon Sandwich

Ultralight weight at a reasonable price. The bottom is built in full T700 uni-directional flat-woven carbon for maximum stiffness while the deck is 60% UD carbon arranged in three axis for optimized flex.

Carbon Reflex Sandwich

Lightest. Fastest. Most Responsive.
Our top-of-the-line technology is our lightest, most exclusive and limited edition flagship construction.