Windsurf Board Parts & Accessories

Designed with durability and convenience in mind.
Starboard’s Accessories are the perfect add-on to your windsurfing quiver.

SUP Windsurfing Compact Sail


The compact windsurf sail. With its four-piece mast and three-piece boom, everything collapses into a small bag that’s convenient to carry and store.

SUP Windsurfing Classic Sail


The SUP Windsurfing sail package is light, powerful and designed specifically for paddleboards.

ReCover Board Bags

One of the lightest, toughest and most eco-friendly windsurf board bags on the market.

Jim Drake Windsurf Fins

Fins covering a wide range of conditions, stretching from down the line wave sailing to speed blasting.

Jim Drake Footstraps


Jim Drake footstraps designed for comfort and performance. From Wave and Freestyle to High speed and Olympic class iQFoil, the Jim Drake footstraps provides you the best grip while inside with durable materials ECO friendly and super light.

Starboard Harness Lines

Fixed 26″ – 28″ – 30″ – 32″

Adjustable 26″ – 34″

Jim Drake Windsurf Harness


The Jim Drake Slalom/Freeride harness evenly distributes the load to your legs, butt and back. Ideal for riders who are seeking for speed, whether freeriding, slalom or racing. Also suitable for riders with back pain, as the distribution points reduce the lateral forces on the hip and back.