Longboards & Raceboards

Our longboard range carries the heritage of windsurfing forward into the future. Whether it’s on the Windsurfer LT with its original shape from back in the ‘60s or on the most innovative shape on the Phantom, longboards offer incredible fun and versatility.
SUP Windsurfing takes advantage of the gliding power of a longboard to combine easy paddling with fun light wind windsurfing.

SUP Windsurfing


The SUP Windsurfing range offers a great choice for sharing windsurfing and paddle boarding with friends and family.

Windsurfer LT

The Windsurfer LT emphasises the features and style that made windsurfing so popular, enabling old school freestyling, amazing glide in light wind and versatility that only a longboard can offer.

Phantom Race

The most successful, most popular and most advanced raceboards.