Unlock the full potential of your Starboard Hyper with exclusive tips and tricks straight from the expert himself. Our Starboard wave rider and PWA Aloha Classic winner Antoine Martin will reveal his perfect set-up. He will provide insights to make the most out of your Hyper. Watch the video below and elevate your wave riding and jumping with the setup of a Champion!

The new 2024 Starboard Hyper

The new Hyper is our radical wave weapon. It is suitable for advanced wave riders who are looking for something extraordinary. The Hyper is a pure quad with a narrow tail and sharp rails that ensure complete control during turns and critical moves. It is ideal for side-onshore conditions with smaller waves and side-to-side-offshore conditions with steep powerful waves. Watch the video to see what size of Hyper Antoine uses the most. He’ll also give you some really important tips on how to get the most out of this awesome board.