Entry-level Windsurf Board

The Easy Choice

The go-to windsurf board for entry level windsurfing and schools.

Their straight outlines provide more upwind drive ensuring a successful first day on the water. Their longer waterline combined with Long Tail Technology provides wonderful glide and easy, early planing. Once up and planing, the Rio windsurf board feels exciting and free as you push onto the contoured aft deck where the cutaways maximize planing pleasure.

The Rio Windsurf boards at a glance

The Rio entry-level windsurf board range features long outlines with parallel rails and wide shoulders for more glide, more directional traction and more stability. The combination of a long tail design with bat-wings, thick boxy rails, low nose rocker and a flat deck make it glide better than a conventional beginner board yet with more stability.

Contoured Deck Shape

With the contoured deck shape the board remains the easiest windsurf board in the world to get into the footstraps. Thanks to this as the rider progresses and moves back on the board, windsurfing faster and with more and more power in the sail, the feet line up naturally with the inboard footstrap positions.

Long Tail Design

The Rio features a long tail design. It allows the board to transition easy and smooth into planing without having to overcome technical difficulties. The long tail design also allows for better glide in light wind conditions.

Unique to the Rio

Long Tail Design: With added area behind the fin box, the Rios not only plane earlier, they also won’t tilt up as they transition on to the plane: there’s no longer the need to learn the tricky technique of overcoming this hump. This is unique to the Rio Long Tail and allows the rider to get planing incredibly smoothly, like magic. It’s an amazing experience to get planing without first having to learn how. The board simply accelerates and accelerates and the rider finds himself naturally planing in the right position.

Bat Wings

The extra wide section of the tail is relatively thin, forming what we call Bat Wings, first used in the Phantoms. This width also helps improve glide and directional traction by allowing the designers to draw more parallel lines. It also creates more planing power.

Full EVA Deck

A large soft EVA grip on the deck make the board comfortable and safe. You get the grip without the cuts or rashes. There is no EVA in the nose where the boom tends to drag across. The Rios feature multiple footstraps inserts positions to allow for every level of sailing, from beginner, to intermediate and advanced. They’re also fitted with the next generation of matching Drake footstraps, which feature size indicator tabs for easy size adjustments.

Retractable Dagger

Retractable daggerboard that clicks in and out without tools. Use the daggerboard for more balance and to go upwind easier. Remove for more speed and control in planing conditions. Fitted with Starboard’s Clipperbox system with easily replaceable and ultra durable lips and a new daggerboard with integrated handle for carrying the board under-arm.

Shallow 41

The Rios are supplied with a Drake Shallow fin. This compact fin delivers as much power and directional traction as possible in the shortest fin. The ideal fin for learning.

Looking for a sail?

The Starboard SUP Windsurfing sails are a great addition to any beginner and progression board. It is light, powerful and is an excellent choice for entry level windsurfers because of its versatility and durability.



The Rio windsurf boards were built in the Rhino construction with one mission in mind: to make them as durable as possible for schools and centres. The entire board is wrapped in a thick, tough thermoplastic polymer ABS skin (not to be confused with ASA), with a double wrap around the rails.

*Available sizes: S, M and L


The Rio in Rhino Construction is also available in a No-Pads version. Removing the pads on the deck makes this board even simpler to maintain and more resistant to wear and tear of extended heavy-duty use. The No-Pads version are simplified with one row of footstraps positioned for progressing riders.

*Available sizes: S, M, L and XL.


Light and with a nice crisp feel on the water. It’s ideal for the new windsurfer looking to buy their own progressive entry-level board. The Rio Rhino and the Rio Starlite have a soft EVA deck finish and two rows of footstraps: one row positioned for progressing riders and the second for full-planing performance. It uses 0.6mm Australian pine wood with glass fibres to combine premium technology and a quality finish in a value package.

*Available sizes: S, M and L

Performance Comparison

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ConstructionsRhino | Rhino No pad | StarliteRhino | Rhino No pad | StarliteRhino | Rhino No pad | StarliteRhino No pad
Volume196 L219 L259 L266 L
Length295 cm308 cm333 cm336 cm
Width79 cm81.5 cm87 cm82.5 cm
Tail Width54.2 cm55.7 cm60.8 cm48.1 cm
Thickness13.7 cm13.9 cm14.1 cm14.9 cm
Bottom ShapeFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double Concave
Footstrap RowsRhino: 1 Starlite: 2Rhino: 1 Rhino No pad: 1 Starlite: 2Rhino: 1 Starlite: 2Rhino No pad: 1
FinsDrake Shallow 31Drake Shallow 41Drake Shallow 41Drake Shallow 22
Fin BoxesTuttle 3 HolesTuttle 3 HolesTuttle 3 HolesUs-Box
Fin range31 - 41 cm31 - 70 cm31 - 70 cm22 - 40 cm
Sail Range2.0 - 9.5 m22.0 - 9.5 m22.0 - 9.5 m22.0 - 9.5 m2
Weight Rhino16.5 kg17.7 kg20.1 kg
Weight Rhino No Pads15.8 kg16.7 kg19.1 kg18.7 kg
Weight Starlite14.7 kg15.8 kg17.6 kg


*The board is provided without footstraps