How To Foil Gybe


Learning to foil is a whole new challenge for all of us windsurfers. The foiling gybe is the first big challenge in this new game. So after you start flying comfortably, flying through those gybes will be your number one mission.


Sam identifies the key for flying all the way through your gybes to lie in the footwork and getting into the new front strap as quick as possible. Sam explains the foot change in detail and sets you up to finally fly all the way through your gybes.


Top Tips To Foil Through Your Gybes (Windsurfing):

  1. Move your back foot into the centre line.
  2. Move your back foot right next to the back footstrap on the opposite side
  3. Before the rig flip and when you initiate the foot change, slide the new front foot straight onto the opposite side of the board so you get ready to slide it straight into the front strap.


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