Windsurf Fins

by Starboard

The 2022 Drake fin range covers a wide range of conditions. Down the line wave sailing to freeride blasting. They are made with durable G10 material. Hit the bottom – sand it down. The G10 Drake fins offers amazing versatility, a reasonable price and high performance that will lift your board.


Natural Wave (Black CNC G-10)

Slot Box available sizes (cm): 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

A side fin offering added drive with a blend of depth, area and foil profile. It brings more
power, lift and speed with plenty of grip to perform on the wave.

Use as Twin or Quad set up.

Freewave (Black CNC G-10)

US-Box available sizes (cm): 26 | 28 | 30

The perfect combination of speed, control, upwind ability and maneuverability. This fin is a key element of one of our most successful models – the Kode FreeWave – several times winner of multiple magazine tests worldwide.

Use as Single fin.

Stone Surf (Black CNC G-10)

US-Box available sizes (cm): 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22

The Stone surf center fin helps to keep drive and control throughout the wave. The wide base helps to deliver a lot of acceleration during the bottom turn, allowing to reach the lip of the wave with plenty of power and speed. Due to its thin tip the fin will help you release the tail during the top turn, generating buckets of spray.

Use as Thruster or Single fin set up.

Stone Surf (CNC G-10)

Slot-Box available sizes (cm): 10 | 11

Purely wave-riding oriented side fins for all-round conditions. The signature fin for our top rider Jaeger Stone, who uses it for onshore Pozo, as well as down the line Gnarloo in Western Australia. An extremely versatile design, with a significant rake that allows for a very tight bottom turn and generates lots of drive, giving it a lot of control in critical sections of the wave.

Use as Twin or Quad set up.

Ready To Freestyle (CNC G-10)

Power Box available sizes (cm): 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21

The ultimate freestyle fin for quick accelerations, high top-end speed and plenty of power for tricks. Generates a lot of power per cm, helping you improve both progressive and radical freestyle tricks.

Rush (CNC G-10)

US-Box available sizes (cm): 17 |  18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22

A center fin that finds a great compromise between freeride and wave riding. Delivering
extra power with early planning great top end speed and acceleration.
This fin stands out on the freewave segment with excellent performance in difficult onshore conditions.

Use as Thruster or Single fin set up.

Freeride Power

Tuttle-Box and Power-Box available sizes (cm):
34 | 36 | 38 | 40 | 42 | 44 | 46 | 48

The easy all-around freeride fin, emphasizing low-end power, stability and control. Thick and reasonably stiff, it gives very solid and secure traction, with plenty of stability for an easy, locked-in and fast ride. The swept tip promotes easy jibing and carving capabilities.

R2R – Slalom 8 (Carbon)

Tuttle Box available sizes (cm):
28 | 30 | 32 | 34 | 36 | 38 | 40 | 42
Deep Tuttle Box available sizes (cm): 44 | 46

The perfect fin for Slalom 8 format racing, offering the best of two worlds with a good reach yet slippery on downwind runs. Provides a good amount of lift.

Slalom 8 fins are thinner than Slalom DW for more glide and top-end speed.
R2R: Ready to Race

R2R – Slalom DW (Carbon)

Tuttle Box available sizes (cm):
34 | 36 | 38 | 40 | 42 | 44 | 46 | 48 | 50
Deep Tuttle Box available sizes (cm): 52 | 54

The extremely balanced Freerace fin, offering top speed and control. The combination of a straight leading edge, larger than a normal rake in combination with a very thin and flexible tip makes this fin unique in feel and performance. Designed for maximum control when fully maxed out.

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