Tune your Starboard iGNITE like a Champion! Check out how the current Vice-World Champion, European Champion in freestyle and PWA Sylt winner Lennart Neubauer sets up his Starboard iGNITE. After the World Cup on Sylt we talked with Lennart about his footstraps set up, mastbase position and which size of the iGNITE he uses the most. Above all, Lennart will show you in the video all the hot tips to use the maximum potential of the board. From learning the first jumps to mastering your double moves, these tips and small details in the setup will help you progress faster. Land your tricks higher, faster and better with the ultimate tips from Lennart! Check out the video below.

The Starboard iGNITE

The new 2024 Starboard iGNITE is the ultimate freestyle board and a weapon of choice for many top riders. This board is suitable for a wide range of freestyle levels, from learning your first jumps to landing the double moves and combinations. Unleash your potential with the winning board of the European Freestyle Tour and PWA World Cup Sylt. With the correct setup you can progress easier and faster than ever. The iGNITE comes in 4 different sizes. Therefore you can choose which suits you the best: 78, 87, 93 or 103L. All of them come in the Carbon Reflex sandwich, our flagship construction. Learn how to tune your Starboard iGNITE and maximize your potential on the water.

PWA Sylt Lennart Neubauer

Check out the new 2024 Starboard iGNITE.

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