Starlite Carbon

Construction Technology


The lightest and highest performance budget-friendly technology. Thanks to its full carbon bottom and a deck built from 0.6mm Australian pine wood sandwich wrapped with Military grade-glass and laminated all with Bio Resin, Starlite Carbon offers an unprecedented level of high quality in a value package with an excellent finish.​

The Starlite Carbon Construction Details

Blurring the Technology Gap

At Starboard, wanted to bridge the gap between high-end technology and high-end value.

The Starlite Carbon’s full biaxial carbon bottom creates a crisp feel and a 400-500 grammes lighter ride, blurring the technology gap.

Why Starlite Carbon?

We developed the Starlite Carbon Construction to answer our quest for a construction that would combine four crucial factors: Durability, Low Environmental Impact, Performance and Value. You think these goals are impossible to combine and might compromise your riding comfort? Starlite Carbon is here to prove you wrong.

Crisp & High Impact Resistance

“Starlite Carbon technology feels especially crisp with extra high impact resistance on the deck.”