How To Foil Upwind


One of the great aspects of foil windsurfing is the equipment’s ability to foil upwind. Learning how to foil upwind is therefore not difficult and in the following video, Sam explains that what will help you reach better upwind angels is: your head, hand and body position.

Turning your hips outward, hinging at the waist and looking upwind to spot and using the gusts when they come at you are all crucial aspects to help improve your angel.


What’s more, starting to angle your board by putting pressure on your heels and thereby angeling the board into windward can further aid steering more into the wind, while keeping your flight height level.


Watch Sam’s explanation below:


In this video, Sam shows you how to foil upwind and looks at:

– Head, hand & body position

– The basics of healing the board to windward.


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