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The contemporary evolution of the test-winning board started the FreeRace craze for technical windsurfers seeking the impossible: maximum speed combined with comfort, control, and jibing precision. The Futura delivers maximum average speed with total confidence and comfort.


The Futura concept is built around iSonic DNA, utilising a fast, moderately narrow, compact body; perfect for long-distance or drag racing at your local beach. The width gives you wind range and efficiency. Powerful but smooth rails provide power and enhance controlled leverage over the fin. A thinner profile at the mast track lowers the centre of gravity and drive for added control. Optimised stance for longer, more confident fast runs. All Futuras are designed around a double concave entry, flowing to a clean flat vee tail, delivering comfort, control and efficiency. All where it counts. The Futuras allow you to enhance your performance in a more comfortable, accessible and user-friendly package. Save your energy for sailing fun, rather than fighting the board. Maximise your average long distance speed, and blaze through sporty jibes.


Proven iSonic technology; Double Step Cutaways for added release and increased speed.


The Futuras have a more pronounced Vee across the bottom for improved control and comfort through rough chop, smooth-flowing jibes and a more lively ride. Power On.


The rails are rounder and thinner than the iSonic rails. More accessible, safer and confident in rough conditions. Smoother in the turns. Easy speed.


Each Futura is supplied with a selected Drake Slalom DW fin. These top-end Ready to Race production fins bring out the best in the Futuras. The Slalom DW model combines impressive speed and acceleration with extraordinary jibing abilities.


The premium Drake Slick foot straps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably sourced and plant-based Yulex foam. With 85% natural rubber content, CO² emitted during manufacturing is reduced by 80%. The remaining 15% of synthetic neoprene is kept to improve UV resistance, carefully sourced with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel.


The Futuras feature 6mm thick footpads in the tail and 4mm in the front. This combination delivers a highly reactive yet comfortable feel while minimising weight. The thermoformed diamond grooved pattern provides grip and comfort over extended sessions while resisting wear and tear.



Developed by Jean Louis Colmas in 1984, Wood Technology became Starboard’s trademark construction in 1995. Wood Technology remains a favourite for riders preferring more comfort, more control and the unique crisp feel of an original Starboard. It’s time to bring back this technology while reducing our CO2 footprint. Full wood sandwich lamination of 0.6mm Australian Pinewood, ensures durability and comfort in a good strength to weight ratio. Today’s wood is less visible in modern graphics; UV protected by fresh blue paint and stickers that compliment the natural grain with a really nice effect. A classy re-edition of a classic Starboard Original.


Futura 100
Futura 105
Futura 110
Futura 120
Futura 135
The contemporary evolution of the test-winning board started the FreeRace craze for technical windsurfers seeking the impossible: maximum speed combined with comfort, control, and jibing precision. At 63cm wide, Futura 100 delivers maximum average speed with total confidence and comfort. Looking fast and purposeful even standing still, Futura 100 features a deep deck recess, lowering the centre of drive in the board, keeping it stable and calm even in high speed, high load situations, especially useful in choppier conditions. Rounder but powerful rails maintain clean and confident waterline performance under higher loads, ideal for powered blasting. Carefully optimised volume around the standing and tail areas ensure planing consistency and momentum, while the deck profile and strap location keep the rider in a comfortable, enduring stance. Just perfect for long distance runs at full throttle. Ideally matched with the supplied 32cm Drake DW fin, Futura 100 is optimum with fast freeride, freerace or race sail sizes ranging from 4.0 to 7.0.
Futura 105; an ideal choice for intermediate and advanced riders who seek top performance and comfort. With a volume of 105 litres and 229 cm long, this board provides excellent stability and control, while the width of 67 cm ensures wide wind range and ample power. 11.5 cm thickness and tail width of 44.7 cm add to momentum and stability, while the refined rockerline ensures unparalleled speed and precision handling. Equipped with a premium 36cm Drake Slalom Fin, providing maximum control and speed on the water. Built with high-quality Wood sandwich materials and superior craftsmanship, this Futura delivers a smooth and effective sailing experience, allowing you to achieve your maximum potential on the water. Whether racing or freeriding, the Futura 105 is perfect for intermediate and advanced riders, who demand nothing but the best.
At 110 litres, Futura 110 strikes the perfect balance between volume and manoeuvrability. With a sleek design and advanced Wood sandwich construction, this board is built for the serious windsurfer seeking real freerace performance. The 229 cm length and 71 cm width offer maximum stability and control, while the 46.6 cm tail width provides excellent planing and acceleration. Supplied with a quality 38cm Drake Slalom fin and a deep Tuttle box, allowing easy and efficient fin selection. The recommended fin range for this board is 36-40 cm, while the ideal sail range is between 5.0 and 8.0 square meters, ensuring speed and versatility in a wide range of conditions. The Wood sandwich construction offers durability and proven lightweight technology, enabling early planing and maximum responsiveness at speed.
Futura 120 : a high-performance balance of performance and versatility, providing maximum speed and control in the widest of wind ranges. With a length of 230 cm, and a width of 76 cm, the 120Lt Futura has abundant speed and acceleration while maintaining a smooth ride on a spacious, stable platform that ensures excellent control and manoeuvrability. The Futura 120 is delivered with a 42 cm Drake Slalom fin, perfect allround for racing and high-speed runs in medium conditions. The recommended fin range is between 40-44 cm, a really versatile range for high performance freeride or freerace. The tail width of 48.7 cm and deep Tuttle fin box make it easy to maintain speed and direction, even in choppy waters. With a sail range of 5.5 to 8.5m, the Futura 120 offers plenty of power to get you going in all wind conditions. Go ahead, push the limits. Constructed with Wood sandwich construction, the Futura 120 is built to last while providing a lightweight and crisp, responsive ride. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the Starboard Futura 120 is a compelling mid range choice for discerning windsurfers.
Starboard Futura 135 is the board of choice for intermediate to advanced windsurfers looking to take their speed and performance to the next level in lighter freeride or freerace conditions. With a volume of 135 litres, a length of 234cm and a width of 83cm, the Futura 135 offers a smooth ride and superb acceleration, with excellent stability and control in a wide range of conditions. Constructed using high-quality Wood sandwich construction, Futura 135 provides a lightweight and durable board. Built to last. Supplied with a 44 cm Drake Slalom fin, the Deep Tuttle Box fin box allows for a powerful range of fin sizes from 42-46cm, giving you complete control and the ability to fine-tune your performance to suit a wide range of conditions and sail sizes, ranging from 6.0 to 9.0m for maximum performance in various wind conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned windsurfer looking to upgrade your gear or a newer rider looking to take the next step, the Starboard Futura 135 is a board that will help you enjoy new heights of freeride control and freerace performance.


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ModelFutura 100Futura 105Futura 110Futura 120Futura 135
Volume100 L105 L110 L120 L135 L
Length225 cm229 cm229 cm230 cm234 cm
Width63 cm67 cm71 cm76 cm83 cm
Tail Width40.9 cm44.7 cm46.6 cm48.7 cm52.5 cm
Thickness12.8 cm11.5 cm11.5 cm11.6 cm11.9 cm
ShapeFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double ConcaveFlat Vee to Double Concave
Recommended Fin30 - 34 cm34 - 38 cm36 - 40 cm40 - 44 cm42 - 46 cm
Fin BoxTuttle BoxTuttle BoxDeep Tuttle BoxDeep Tuttle BoxDeep Tuttle Box
FinDrake Slalom DW 32 Ready To RaceDrake Slalom DW 36 Ready To RaceDrake Slalom DW 38 Ready To RaceDrake Slalom DW 42 Ready To RaceDrake Slalom DW 44 Ready To Race
Sail Range4.0 - 7.0 m²4.5 - 7.5 m²5.0 - 8.0 m²5.5 - 8.5 m²6.0 - 9.0 m²
Weight WS6.48 Kg6.88 Kg7.04 Kg7.39 Kg7.98 Kg

Estimated weights shown to one decimal place/Average weights shown to two decimal places
Carbon Reflex Sandwich, Carbon Sandwich, Wood Sandwich, StarLite Carbon : +/-5% Tolerances


For every board sold, Starboard plants 3 mangrove trees with Worldview International Foundation. Each Mighty Mangrove sinks down 673kg of VCS certified CO2 during its first 25 years.

Together, our 3 mangroves offset the boards Carbon Emissions 10 X over and fund local livelihoods projects in Myanmar.

The Futura has an average carbon footprint of 78 kg per board.


Buy a board & we pick up 1.4kg of beach/ ocean plastic trash – equivalent to the amount of plastic trash entering the ocean, per person, per year.

The Futura has an average plastic content of 4 kg per board.