ReCover Bags

Upcycled Windsurf Board Bag

One Of The Lightest, Toughest And Most Eco-friendly Windsurf Board Bags On The Market

The ReCover Windsurf Board Bags at a Glance

Recycled polyester 450D fabric | Ultra-durable ripstop technology | Flipped construction | 8/10 mm padding | Name card holder | Heat reflective color | Air ventilation | Heavy duty corrosion free zippers | Extra-padded shoulder handle

Recycled Plastic Bottles

The ReCover have a RPET 450D outer fabric layer made from recycled plastic bottles, in partnership with Waste2Wear.

The bottles are chopped into flakes, washed, melted and extruded into yarns and then spun into a fabric.
Between 30 to 150 bottles are used per bag. Bottles that now re-enters the market again, without risk of polluting the environment.

Ripstop weaving technology improves wear and tear resistance.

Inverted Construction

The Starboard ReCover are flipped inside out, like t-shirts, creating a lighter bag with a double thickness padding along the rail edges.

This inverted construction eliminates the need for heavy reinforcement webbing, making the bags significantly lighter.

Plastic YKK Zippers

Heavy-duty non-corrosive YKK plastic buckles and zippers are placed away from the edge
of the bag to protect your board’s rails from damage, while removing the need
for an overlapping layer of zipper protection.

This helps to reduce the weights of the bag even further.

Heavy Traveling

The Triple Wave and Triple iSonic ReCover Travel Bags are spacious enough for three boards fitted with footstraps, alternatively numerous rig parts.

Compression straps are available in case you don’t need the extra space. They feature a top carry handle as well as front and back carry handles to make lifting and transporting easy, whether you are by yourself or traveling with friends.

Travel Bag (8mm + 10mm Paddling)

The ReCover Travel bags have 8 mm thick foam padding on the top and bottom.
To assure proper protection while traveling, a 10 mm extra thick foam has been added along the side walls.

Wide Range of Sizes

The 2021 ReCover Bags are available in a wide range of sizes. There are single bag sizes for every board in the Starboard range. They’re just the right size to fit your Starboard with footstraps and fin.

Available Sizes

There are two styles: the ReCover single and the ReCover travel bags.

The ReCover single bags are available in:
210 x 67 | 195 x 75 | 215 x 87 | 232 x 60 | 235 x 67 | 240 x 78 | 240 x 88 | 285 x 100 | 308 x 82 | 336 x 87 cm | Phantom 377

The following ReCover travel bags are available:
Double iSonic 250 x 85 x 25 | Triple iSonic 250 x 85 x 33 | Triple Wave 240 x 70 x 33
Formula Foil | Double Formula Foil

Ready to Foil

190×71 | 210×67 | 215×87 | 220×71

Sizes are specifically adapted to Foil boards. The zipper opening splits in the tail, so that you can insert your board without having to remove the foil.

Not sure which board bag?

We have the perfect board bag for every windsurf board in Starboard’s range. Find your perfect windsurf board bag on the “Board Bag Guide” page.