Harness Lines

Fixed 26″ – 28″ – 30″ – 32″

Adjustable 26″ – 34″

by Starboard

The Starboard harness lines are easily adjustable, durable and don’t swing for effortless hook-in and -out.

Key Features

Fixed Harness Lines

Available sizes:

26″ – 28″ – 30″ – 32″

Featuring high-density Polyurethane Tubes, nylon webbings and a rigid boom attachment system that allows for quick hook-in.

Adjustable Harness Lines

Available sizes:

26″ – 34″

Featuring a quick-release design for attachment on the boom without removing the boom tail. High-density Polyurethane Tubes and a bulletproof adjustment system.

Designed by AT

Smooth, ultra-reliable and corrosion-proof. The flawless adjustment system designed by Advanced Technology Japan is simply the most functional and effective adjustable harness line we’ve ever used.

Cleat made with stainless steel.