How To Fly With The iSonic - Windsurf

How To Fly With The iSonic

Everyone who sails speed or slalom wants to be fast! They want to fly! We asked top PWA slalom and foil rider Sebastian Koerdel for some tips to get the Starboard iSonic fast. Make sure to check out the video below.  How can you be fast on the iSonic? Don`t hold back! You need that…

Lennart Chasing The Wind - Windsurf

Lennart Chasing The Wind

Lennart Neubauer G-734 is ripping on his iGnite 87L. World class freestyle sailing by the young talent. He is enjoying the Greek summer on the water!   More info about the board he is riding: Video by: @titos georgiadis Music by: Nic Lyberis

First IQFoil Boards Are Delivered - Windsurf

First IQFoil Boards Are Delivered

First iQFoil Boards Are Delivered Germany’s first batch of iQfoil Boards got delivered and distributed, our Dream Team rider Lena Erdil was the lucky receiver of one of them! Together with her team mate Helena they unpack the boards and head for their first sessions. We caught up with Lena to ask about her first…