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THE LIGHTEST EVER: Starting at only 5.1KG!!

Imagine this… You’re carving through your bottom turn and push as hard as you can.
You approach the lip, perfectly transitioning from rail to rail – your board bites into the water, throws you around and pushes a fountain of water over the wave. That’s the UltraKode for you.


It’s the lightest wave board we ever made. Heck, the lightest one to ever exist on planet Starboard.
 Why would you want a lighter waveboard? Simple: You can jump higher, react faster and control better.

Confidently, the UltraKode in Reflex Carbon has proven over the last 3 years to be our strongest wave board technology with a break rate of 0.7%, perhaps the lowest ever in the industry amongst wave boards?


Swallow Tail Shape

The swallow tail shape is featured on all sizes. This makes for a shorter board and therefore increasing control in strong wind and in the air. More importantly, it improves the grip tremendously so you can push your carving game to the next level.

Thin Rails - Endless Grip

Lean into the turn, as much as you dare, these rails have got your back!
Thin rails in combination with a slight tail kick provide endless grip.


The extra thickness increases volume on the center line, improving the performance in dodgy conditions. You’ll plane earlier and longer; less troubles with currents.

Fast Rockerline

UltraKodes feature fast rockerlines in the planing surface area for speed and early planing. Modern concave bottom shapes ensure you enjoy the smooth rail to rail transitions.

FINS: Your Style - Your Set Up

The UltraKode Fivestar adapts to your needs: Five fin boxes make any setup possible, allowing you to find the best possible configuration for conditions and ride style.

The UltraKode Thruster comes with only three finboxes and reduces the swing weight to a minimum in the critical tail section of the board.


86, 93 & 100: More Top Speed

A moderate Vee at the centre allows you to quickly reach top speeds, which makes passing waves and hitting ramps super easy.

82, 86, 93 & 100: Ultra Compact Outline

At a length of 218cm (217cm on the 82), you’ll get an ultra compact shape, which gives you more control and reactivity in strong winds and big moves.

STARBOX: Less Weight, Faster Set Up

Featuring four lightweight Starboxes and one US box, the versatility doesn’t take a toll on the overall board weight.
The Starbox system allows you to fit Slot Box fins within five seconds each, while remembering your last setting to get you on the water faster. It is also compatible with US box fins.

A Locked And Comfortable Stance

The Drake footstraps are made from Yulex foam with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel. Under your feet the 10mm thick footpads with a diamond grooving pattern will provide the necessary grip and comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear.




The Carbon Reflex construction with its fluorescent orange colors is our lightest, most sturdy flagship construction and has some of the lowest warranty rates in the industry.
Using the lightest biaxial carbon they offer more feel, more responsiveness and more flex than conventional boards. On the water, this construction will provide you with ultimate performance. It delivers the most direct feedback from the water surface and allows for quicker and more precise movements. With the Carbon Reflex UltraKodes you’ll keep more speed through turns and wind holes, and start planing earlier. The Carbon Reflex is limited in stock, built to order with a four month delivery lead time.


2x Starbox + 1x US Box

The UltraKode Thruster with three finboxes reduces the weight by 300g. With less weight at the critical section right under your back foot you’ll get more control in the air, better maneuverability and and even more responsive handling. Is this the lightest wave board out there?

Starting at 5.1kg



4x Starbox + 1x US Box

The UltraKode adapts to your every need: Five fin boxes make any set up possible, allowing you to find the best possible configuration for any style. All our UltraKodes are supplied with new Stone signature Black G-10 thruster fins by Drake.

Starting at 5.4kg


65 & 72 Wildcard

“With the 65 and 72 I finally have boards which allow me to make turns like heavier riders on bigger boards. They are really, really light, which is important when you’re young or light. I use them with 3.8/3.4/3.0 sails, and it’s amazing that boards can still have so much control when it’s super windy” – Liam Dunkerbeck, 17 years old, 66kg


65 Wildcard // Length: 210cm // Width: 53cm

72 Wildcard // Length: 216cm // Width: 54cm

78 & 82

are designed by Mark Stone. They cover the biggest range we’ve ever seen on low volume wave boards. While you’ll love the performance on less windy days or less powerful waves, we didn’t give away any versatility. Performing radical turns and controlling high jumps will be even easier.


78 // Length: 222cm // Width: 55.5cm

82 // Length: 217cm // Width: 58cm

86, 93 & 100

are ultra compact boards that provide enough stability for slightly heavier riders or less windy days. Thanks to an overall length of only 218cm you’ll be astonished by the control, even on the windiest of days. Thin rails and slight tail kick make your tight turns as easy as possible. Pronounced centreline Vee gives you plenty of speed through chop.


86 // Length: 218cm // Width: 60cm

93 // Length: 218cm // Width: 61cm

100 // Length: 218cm // Width: 63cm

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TechnologiesCarbon Reflex SandwichCarbon Reflex SandwichCarbon Reflex SandwichCarbon Reflex SandwichCarbon Reflex SandwichCarbon Reflex SandwichCarbon Reflex Sandwich
Volume65 L72 L78 L82 L86 L93 L100 L
Length210 cm216 cm222 cm217 cm218 cm218 cm218 cm
Width53 cm54 cm55.5 cm58 cm60 cm61 cm63 cm
Tail Width35.1 cm35.3 cm36.3 cm38.6 cm40.4 cm42.3 cm43.8 cm
Thickness10.8 cm11.5 cm11.8 cm11.8 cm12.8 cm13.4 cm14.2 cm
Bottom Shape (Tail To Nose)Double Concave to Flat to Mono ConcaveVee to Double Concave to flat to Mono ConcaveVee to Double Concave to flat to Mono ConcaveVee to Double Concave to flat to Mono ConcaveVee to Double ConcaveVee to Double ConcaveVee to Double Concave
Fins2x Drake Stone Surf 10 + Drake Stone Surf 172x Drake Stone Surf 11 + Drake Stone Surf 182x Drake Stone Surf 11 + Drake Stone Surf 182x MFC TF 12 Red + MFC TF 17 Red2x MFC TF 12 Red + MFC TF 18 Red2x MFC TF 12 Red + MFC TF 19 Red2x MFC TF 12 Red + MFC TF 20 Red
Fin Boxes Fivestar4 x Star Box + US Box4 x Star Box + US Box4 x Star Box + US Box4 x Star Box + US Box4 x Star Box + US Box4 x Star Box + US Box4 x Star Box + US Box
Fin Boxes Thruster2 x Star Box + US Box2 x Star Box + US Box2 x Star Box + US Box2 x Star Box + US Box2 x Star Box + US Box2 x Star Box + US Box2 x Star Box + US Box
Fin Range10 - 19 cm10 - 19 cm10 - 19 cm10 - 19 cm10 - 19 cm10 - 19 cm10 - 19 cm
Sail Range2.5 - 4.5 m23.0 - 5.0 m23.3 - 5.3 m23.5 - 5.5 m23.5 - 5.5 m24.6 - 6.5 m23.5 - 6.5 m2
Weight Fivestar +/-5%5.48 kg5.72 kg6.07 kg6.25 kg6.39 kg6.71 kg6.80 kg
Weight Thruster +/-5%5.20 kg5.50 kg5.70 kg6.00 kg6.10 kg6.40 kg6.50 kg