Foil X Wing

105 • 125 • 145

Windsurf And Wing Foil with One Board

Hold the wind in your hands with a sail or with a wing, feel the foil below elevate you above the water as you fly across the water silently, powered purely by the wind and waves. 2-in-1, the Foil X Wing series covers windsurf foil and wing foil all in one board.

The Foil X Wing boards at a glance

Based on the Foil X model, the same features that make the Foil X work for wind foiling make them ideal for wing foiling: the ultra-compact outlines make them easy to control, easy to maneuver and light for take-off. The extended flat-bottom shapes make them accelerate, gather speed and reach take-off speed with less power. The rail cut-aways help you sink the tail to pop up onto the foil and the wide nose and wide tail make the board stable to stand on. To convert from wind foil to wing foil, simply remove the wind foil from the tail and mount the wing foil to the twin US box tracks. Optionally, you can move footstraps to the wing-foil positions to add control. Two leash inserts allow you to secure the board to your ankle and the wing to the board.

The Three Sizes

105 Liters / 125 Liters / 145 Liters

105 – the smallest model offers maximum maneuverability and reactivity. 125 – the most popular size for its blend of stability and volume in a compact shape. 145 – added thickness gives this model extra volume and stability while keeping the overall shape ultra-compact. Ideal for heavier riders and progressing riders.

Two Foil Configurations

The Deep Tuttle foil box in the tail is for wind foiling. The twin US boxes further forward is for wing foiling.

Deep Tuttle Box

A plug for the Deep Tuttle Box is supplied. Close the Deep Tuttle Box when wing foiling to keep the glide as efficient as when wing foiling.

Leash Inserts For Wing Foiling

There are two leash inserts, one on the back and another on the front of the board. The back insert is for the leash that goes to your ankle and the front one is for riders who like to secure the wing to the board rather than their wrist.

Windsurf Foil Mast Track Insert

This discreet insert allows you to fit the mast base and attach the sail for wind foiling.

New Footstrap Positions Adapted To Wing Foil

The Foil X Wing Board has two insert options: strap positions for windsurf foiling and centred strap positions for wing foiling.

Half Deck Eva Pad

The large EVA deck pad covers the centre area of the board for wing foiling and the tail of the boardfor wind foiling.

Mini Carry-Handle

The new mini carry-handle on the bottom makes it easier to carry board and sail or wing together. The Starboard-exclusive handle design is reduced in size to not affect the glide of the board through water and the hollow internal cavity makes it easy to grip and carry.

Yulex Neoprene

The Drake footstraps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably-sourced and plant-based Yulex foam. With 85% natural rubber content, CO² emitted during the manufacturing process is reduced by 80%. The remaining 15% of synthetic neoprene is kept to improve UV resistance.



Designed with the lowest carbon footprint in mind, Starboard’s new Wood Sandwich technology is a full deck and bottom sandwich construction finished with a 0.6mm Australian pine wood bottom. A high-performance PVC sandwich core is used on the entire bottom and the deck’s tail areas for maximum stiffness, maximum durability and minimum weight. The deck is further reinforced with layers of uni-directional carbon and flax fibres for added strength and stiffness. Our most durable tech.


0.6mm Australian pine wood sandwich wrapped with Military grade-glass and laminated with cutting edge Bio Resin. A high quality value package with excellent finish. The Starlite technology feels especially crisp and has extra high impact resistance.

Performance Chart


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ConstructionsWood Sandwich | Starlite CarbonWood Sandwich | Starlite CarbonWood Sandwich | Starlite Carbon
Volume105 L125 L145 L
Length185 cm190 cm193 cm
Width63 cm67 cm71 cm
Tail Width56.1 cm60.4 cm65.5 cm
Thickness12 cm13.1 cm14.3 cm
Footstrap Rows222
FinsNot includedNot includedNot included
Fin BoxesFoil Box + 2 US BoxFoil Box + 2 US BoxFoil Box + 2 US Box
Recommend foilSuper Cruiser/GT/GTR/WaveSuper Cruiser/GT/GTR/WaveSuper Cruiser/GT/GTR/Wave
Sail Range3.3 - 6.5 m24.5 - 7.5 m25.0 - 8.0 m2
Weight Wood Sandwich +/-5%8.14 kg8.77 kg9.27 kg
Weight Starlite Carbon +/-5%8.56 kg9.29 kg10.14 kg