Foil Slalom

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A new PWA windsurf foil racing format, three new boards and new records: get ready to race and to break your personal best speeds.

What's New in the Foil Slalom Windsurf Board Range

New waterdrop shape concept for maximum lift and stability, new back footstrap position for more control and higher reaching speeds, new extra-deep rail cutaways to take-off and get flying quickly. The Foil Slalom boards are also a new foil board category.

Foil Slalom 91 (220×91, 192 liters): designed for the new PWA Foil format that switches from Racing to Slalom foiling. The new extreme tear drop shape of the 91 model has enough volume to take off in very light winds.

Foil Slalom 81 (220×81, 167 liters): designed with the same concept as the 91 with less width and less volume. Ideal for lighter riders on the PWA Foil Slalom tour and for light to medium winds. The weapone to break 30 knots. Foil Slalom 71: the narrowest and fastest Foil Slalom model, for higher winds and maximum speed. Available in Carbon Reflex Sandwich for the 91, 81 and 71. Available in StarLite Carbon for the 81 and 71 sizes.

Foil Slalom 91

Dimensions: 220×91, 192 liters

The go-to board for the new PWA Foil format that switched from Racing to Slalom Foiling. This model maximizes the 91cm width limit to provide you the optimum gear to compete with. This extreme board with extra thickness has enough volume to take off in very light winds.


Water Drop Shape

The side cutaways concept has been pushed to the max to allow enough speed in displacement mode to get on foil, so you can take off even before to reaching planing speeds. The board is shaped like a water drop from the nose to the tail in order to reduce the drag from the water but also increase aerodynamic efficiency. As a result, the board is very slippery and stable in the air.

Back Footstrap Position

The back foot position is further inside compared to upwind/downwind racing foil boards. Here we are at 79.9cm wide, which allows you to go faster downwind and to go reaching with a more comfortable position and reduced power on the back foot.

New Deep Cutaways

The cut aways have been extended not only to decrease drag before take off but also to accelerate the transition into flight mode by quickly reducing wetted surface area as speed increases.

Foil Slalom 81

Dimensions: 220x81cm, 167 liters

The 81 shares the same concept as the 91, with a reduced width. This model is ideal for medium winds with heavier riders and as the all-round size for lighter riders on the PWA Foil Slalom Tour.

Foil Slalom 71

Dimensions: 220x71cm, 145 liters

The narrowest model at 71cm is the high wind model and ultimately our fastest foil board ever. The machine for breaking 30 knots and log your personal bests.

Extra Thin Pads

There are less impacts to absorb when foiling. In fact, there are none. So we’ve designed the pads to be extra thin for added control and kept the diamond grooves for the perfect grip.

Yulex Neoprene

The Drake footstraps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably-sourced and plant-based Yulex foam. With 85% natural rubber content, CO² emitted during the manufacturing process is reduced by 80%. The remaining 15% of synthetic neoprene is kept to improve UV resistance.



The Carbon Reflex construction with fluorescent orange highlight colors is our lightest, most exclusive and limited edition flagship construction using a combination of the lightest biaxial carbon and uni-directional carbon. They offer the quickest acceleration and the earliest take-off speeds.


0.6mm Australian pine wood sandwich wrapped with Military grade-glass and laminated with cutting edge Bio Resin. A high quality value package with excellent finish. The Starlite technology feels especially crisp and has extra high impact resistance.

Performance Chart


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ModelFoil Slalom 71Foil Slalom 81Foil Slalom 91
ConstructionsCarbon Reflex Sandwich | Starlite CarbonCarbon Reflex Sandwich | Starlite CarbonCarbon Reflex Sandwich
Volume145 L167 L192 L
Length220 cm220 cm220 cm
Width71 cm81 cm91 cm
Tail Width60.2 cm69.9 cm80.1 cm
Thickness15.9 cm16.3 cm16.2 cm
Footstrap Rows222
FinsNot includedNot includedNot included
Fin BoxesFoil BoxFoil BoxFoil Box
Recommend foilRace/Race ProRace/Race ProRace/Race Pro
Sail Range4.0 - 7.0 m26.0 - 9.0 m27.0 - 10.0 m2
Weight Carbon Reflex Sandwich8.2 kg8.70 kg9.86 kg
Weight Starlite Carbon10.40 kg11.31 kg