Interview With A 10-year-old Windsurfer - Windsurf

Interview With A 10-year-old Windsurfer

Hi Julian! You are a 10-year-old windsurfing talent. We recently saw a video of you on a speed board on social media. We were extremely impressed with your sailing and want to know more about you and how it is to be a windsurfing kid!  Hi Starboard! I am Julian Koldeweid and I am from…

New Starboard X Airush Freewing - Windsurf

NEW Starboard X Airush FreeWing

  STARBOARD X AIRUSH FREEWING Please fasten your seatbelts and return your tray table to its full upright and locked position as we prepare for take-off. Get into the cockpit with Captain Zane Schweitzer as he gets set to take off with the NEW Starboard X Airush FreeWing. Learn more:


Exploring Norway

Starboard’s Dream Team: Exploring Norway Oda Johanne: “A road trip to remember for a lifetime! 1,5 years ago we packed our van with EVERYTHING and drove from Stavanger to Lofoten with one mission: “Do Cool Stuff”. Road tripping “at home” made me realize that there are so many golden places in Norway that I have…

Team Rider Dudu Levi Sailing In Israel - Windsurf

Team Rider Dudu Levi Sailing In Israel

Our Dream team rider Dudu Levi is showing us how beautiful his home spot is. Israel is delivering waves, sunshine, and shorty weather. Beautiful drone images coupled with some radical freestyle action. Thanks, Dudu! Below the video, you can read a short interview with Dudu.      Where in Israel do you live? I live…

Starboard X Airush Freewing Air - Windsurf

Starboard x Airush FreeWing Air

Starboard x Airush FreeWing is here now:   The FreeWing shares the stoke of Kite, SUP and Windsurf into a single flying experience. Working with the design team from both Airush and Starboard, the FreeWing fuses the innovation and ideology of the different sports into groundbreaking designs with refined performance. With development between Thailand, Bali,…

30 Days Windsurf Workout Challenge - Windsurf

30 Days Windsurf Workout Challenge

Get windsurfing fit in 30 days! Join the challenge with Flo Jung to get fit for windsurfing. Flo Jung is a German windsurfer that loves to spend time in the ocean. He started competing on the PWA Wave tour in 2008. We took a quick word with him, and below you can watch his latest windsurf…

Coach Sam Ross – Flight School 2.0 - Windsurf

Coach Sam Ross – Flight School 2.0

Coach Sam Ross is out with a new YouTube series Flight School 2.0 that will help you take your windsurfing skills to the next level. This is what he has to say: I’m really pleased to release Flight School 2.0. It builds on the first flight school videos released a few years ago, to update…