They are young, they are island boys and they train hard on and off the water. We caught up with two really talented wave and freestyle boys from our Dream Team: Liam  Dunkerbeck and Lennart Neubauer.

How was the lockdown for you? 

LIAM: At the beginning very hard because here on Gran Canaria we couldn’t go out of our homes for 2 months. After 2 months we could luckily go out to do sports, and right now we can go out if we wear a mask.

LENNART: During lockdown on Naxos I could not go on the water for 3 weeks. It felt like way more because the wind was really good just 3 kilometers from my house. There is just that itchy feeling inside you that says “go on the water”. Apart from that, I got some time to rest and get stronger

How is it to be back on the water? 

LIAM: Because I was training during the lockdown I was fit and ready for when I could go sailing again. I was super excited to be back on the water!

LENNART: I think you only realize what a gift it is to be on the water until you are not allowed to go. Getting back on my gear just felt like a reunion. Especially when you start landing som bigger moves again. I got really excited! Sailing without any tourist or friends who normally visits the island is actually not that bad. As those times are normally really crowded on the water in high season. It just makes me more focused on my own training which is cool.

What do you do besides sailing? 

LIAM: Besides sailing, I am training SUP, mountain biking, foiling, and surf foiling.

LENNART: Besides sailing, I love cycling. It is a great way to connect with nature and it is great training as well. Also being able to at least talk about windsurfing during the lockdown with local riders was good. Apart from cycling (cardio), I do home workouts as well.

You improved a lot last year. Which moves do you want to learn now? 

LIAM: I’ve been pushing hard on the double forward! I am really happy with my sailing right now and I will keep pushing harder.

LENNART: Right now I’m focusing on landing my moves consistently in any conditions which is super important to me. At the moment I’m focusing on some combinations like e-slider switch chacho, but also some big air moves. Any new move I learn now feels like the first one I ever did! It is so amazing.

How is school life combined with sailing? 

LIAM: For the last 3 months I’ve been having classes online. It is better because then you can go sailing as soon as you switch off the computer.

LENNART: Combining school together with a sport that requires so many hours of training can be challenging but definitely possible. Even if you have to wake up at 5AM to catch the last breeze of wind before school. On my island Naxos, the distances are short, so there is time for everything.

Favorite gear set-up? 

LIAM: Right now my favorite gear set up it is the Starboard UltraKode 65L and the 3.8 Redback Severne 2020

LENNART: Well my favorite gear set up is the Starboard iGnite 87L together with the Severne Freek 4.4. It just makes you fly:)