How To Set Up Your iGnite

Starboard’s Dream Team Riders Sarah-Quita Offringa, Oda Johanne and Lennart Neubauer explain how they set up their favorite freestyle boards.

They choose between the iGnite 87, 93 and 103. If you are lighter than 70 kilos they recommend the iGnite 87, and for riders more than 70 kilos they recommend the 93 or 103 liter. They also use big footstraps for safety if they crash. How do they still keep their feet in the straps? They make sure the strap touches the sides of the foot, but also important that they are really high/big, so you can easily get out.

The freestylers put the mast base pretty far back for more reaction, more lift and more pop.

Meanwhile, windsurfing coach Phil from GetWindsurfing explains exactly which setting will have which effect on your sailing or in regards to your feeling on the board. So if you ever wondered why freestylers have a completely different kind of Set Up on their straps and fins than most normal freeriders make sure to check out this video. Did you know that our iGnite also comes with freeride set up options? And since 2021 also comes with the option of being Foil Ready? To find out more about the iGnite and the different sizes make sure to click here.