A quick update from the 2018 Vice World Champion Matteo Iachino:
“Hello everyone!
After the World Cup in Sylt, I’m taking some time to recharge my batteries. I ´m looking forward to another great season in 2019. I’ve been relaxing at home and been enjoying some great wave sessions this autumn! The Mediterranean sea has been delivering good wind and waves all the time. I’ve been slalom sailing in strong wind and foiling around the coast in light wind. I have also had some great wave sailing and surf sessions. I was one week in Morocco for surfing and I’m now in Sardinia to enjoy some great wave sailing with friends before Christmas.



I’m getting ready for a new exciting season of foil and slalom. I still kind of like slalom racing better than foil racing, but I’m having loads of fun foiling. After training more and more I’m getting better in every condition. 2019 is going to be my 4th year in the Starboard team. I’m really looking forward to giving my best and to ride the best boards on the market. I’m going to Australia in January for some testing for Severne and the Starboard photo shoot.  After that, I will join the guys in Tenerife for the TWS Pro slalom training for the rest of the winter. Definitely good times ahead!”