The Wind is Calling – Will you pick up the phone?

Temperatures are getting warmer, termical winds are slowly setting in, and we are excited for summertime! Going faster, the freedom of making your own decisions on the water, sharing sessions with friends or just feeling close to nature. We have asked our team what they love about windsurfing and what makes them most impatient to get back out there. Check the video below. Now it’s your turn, let us know what makes you want to pick up that call! Share your answers on social media! Tag us using #windiscalling #livethetikilife in your posts.





17 x World champion Sarah-Quita´s best feeling about windsurfing is the sense of freedom she gets when she steps on her board. Basti Kördel likes the feeling after a nice and long session on the water. Lennart likes to feel the power of Mother Nature. Mateus Isaac wakes up every day in search of the feeling of being on the water. Antoine Martin loves a session with all his friends. Tristan feels free on the board, and Lena likes the goals you can set for yourself. Oda Johanne loves to land a new move she has been working hard for. Find out what all the riders like the most about windsurfing and see you all on the water! The Wind is calling!