Lucía and Isabel Trivino Delgado are two windsurf sisters from Tarifa, Spain. Actually, they are twins, and they are ripping! We did an interview with the future champs that tried windsurfing for the first time when they were 5 years old! Growing up with a father that was a windsurf addict, they were lucky to be introduced to this amazing sport from a very early age. You might have seen them on the Youth PWA World tour and we are sure we will see much more from them in 2021! 

How did you two start windsurfing?

We started when we were 10, our father has been windsurfing for many years and he introduced us to this amazing sport. We windsurfed for the first time when we were 5, but we didn’t really start until we were 10 when our parents signed us up for classes one summer. Since then we’ve been improving on our own and now trying to achieve the level of the best windsurfers.


Is it easier to be sisters and twins for the windsurfing motivation? 

Learning at the same time has a lot of benefits because we can help each other and give advice when we need them, we can also have a lot of fun sharing good moments. But we are also a bit competitive, which makes us improve by pushing each other.

While growing up did you always have the same hobbies?

We have always loved being in the water. With just 2 years we started swimming, and with 6 we used to play tennis and compete, but when we for the first time tried watersport we knew what we really liked to do. We’ve been practicing many different watersports, but what we like the most is windsurfing.


What are you doing next to windsurf? 

We always try to combine studies, windsurfing, and hanging out with friends, so we don’t have much time to get bored! Apart from windsurfing, in our free time, we also like to go surfing, skating, biking, etc. And of course better if we do all these sports with friends.


What is your favorite discipline?

We’ve tried out all the disciplines and we like them all, but our favorite one is the wave discipline. We compete in waves and learn new tricks, improving day by day, with the intention of having as much fun as possible. In Tarifa, there are not always wave conditions so we also do some freestyle and travel to other places searching for waves. We like to sail in Tarifa because there are many different conditions and because of the strong wind (Levante). Some of our home spots are Playa Chica, Bolonia, and Caños de Meca (this is our favorite spot because it can be similar conditions like in Pozo).


What do you think would be the solution to get more kids into windsurfing?

To get more kids into windsurfing, one option could be to make new local windsurf schools supported by the town hall, (as here in Tarifa there isn’t anyone). Also promoting it in highschools or schools. We wouldn’t tell them anything. We just show them what this sport is about and then by themselves they will love it!

Do you have any windsurfing idols and what are your biggest windsurfing dreams?

In our opinion, every woman in this sport is an idol for us! In specific the Moreno twins, because we are also twins, so we would like to follow in their footsteps and try to achieve their level.