Our Dream team rider Dudu Levi is showing us how beautiful his home spot is. Israel is delivering waves, sunshine, and shorty weather. Beautiful drone images coupled with some radical freestyle action. Thanks, Dudu! Below the video, you can read a short interview with Dudu. 



Where in Israel do you live?

I live in a place called Tel Yosef, a town in the northeast of Israel.

How did you start windsurfing?

I started windsurfing at the age of 16. I was hanging with some friends who showed me how fun it is to be in the water in the summer in Israel.

How has the quarantine been at home for you?

In fact, I am considered a necessary employee, which means I have not stopped working. When it was impossible to go to the sea, I was training a lot at home. I went running, cycling and some fitness. I was mostly waiting for the moment to be back in the water. In Israel, we were allowed to go back windsurfing about a week ago.

What is your biggest motivation in windsurfing?

Having a good session is one of the best feelings! I love those moments!

Which board you are sailing on?

I usually use the iGnite 87 liters. For me, this is a really stable board and helps to make every move easy. The board really fits me in its size and it feels great. The board is really forgiving in difficult and choppy conditions and it really helps me to feel confident in the water, which is important to land my moves.

The spot in this clip looks awesome. Is that your home spot?

I live near a small lake. And the spot where the clip was filmed is one of my favorite beaches in the country for side shore winds from the north! And it is located near Caesarea.

Video filmed and edited by www.urimagnus.com