Welcome to the world´s first windsurf university

Our Dream Team riders Oda Johanne and Sarah-Quita Offringa have just started the world’s first Windsurf University!


We guess you asked yourself the same questions as we did when we first heard about it. Windsurf University? What is that? Can you study the best sport in the world?

For the first time, you can! Sarah-Quita and Oda Johanne want to show that there are smart ways to improve your sailing efficiently! Don’t waste time on the water trying to figure out how to do the maneuver you are practicing. Be prepared!

“Everything is possible if you know what to focus on when you are on the water! The work starts before you step on the board!”

When you want to improve your windsurfing maybe you watch videos, ask other sailors how to do it, or join a windsurfing clinic somewhere exotic during your holiday weeks! Oda and Sarah-Quita wanted to start this Windsurf University for all levels to help people reach their goals in windsurfing. Weather it is to learn windsurfing better after your first hours on the water, sticking your first freestyle move or tune your foil and slalom gear, they will be by your side and help you improve. If you want to join this online coaching program you can send an email to windsurfuniversity@gmail.com and they will schedule a one-on-one online coaching meeting with you. Through Zoom they will share their screens and analyze what you want to improve and learn step by step. They have already had their first online sessions and many people have been signing up! It’s a brilliant idea to improve your sailing with learning from the best, especially now as traveling to clinics is slightly harder due to the pandemic.


Sarah-Quita and Oda Johanne cruising on their iGnite boards!


Oda and Sarah-Quita hope to see you soon at their online Windsurf University! Next to their online windsurf lessons, they will produce How To videos. The first one “How To Tack” is already online:



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