Lena Erdil:

“Finally some quality wave sessions in Lanzarote! Just before I had to leave for a new adventure, we scored 2 days of great conditions at Jameos del Agua. Sailing only with few people! In this weeks Vlog I featured action from Philip Köster, Noah Vocker, Tristan Algret and Timo Mullen. If you watch carefully you can also see John Carter windsurfing and swimming with his camera trying to get some shots for his stories in the UK Windsurf magazine! The wave in Jameos is beautiful, BUT it brakes on very sharp lava rocks and there is only one narrow place where you can get in and out of the water. If you break something and have to find another way back to shore you need some guardian angels to get out without destroying everything and yourself. Also there are strong currents pulling out and away, so this place needs to be enjoyed with care. It´s really dangerous… As you can see Noha, Tristan, me and our gear all became victims of the rocks… Rockstars in Jameos 😉