Record-breaking conditions in the 82nd Mount Gay Round Barbados Race.

One of the biggest heroes of the day was undoubtedly Trevor Hunte, the local who, on his Starboard Phantom Batwing 377 raceboard windsurfer, smashed his own record set in 2016 by just over four minutes with a time of 5h 30m 46s.


Trevor's 'Oddyssey'

Ride around Barbados during the 2018 Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados race with Trevor Hunte during his diary on his record breaking run."I think I regret taking those two shots of rum this morning, maybe I should have taken three…"Note: occasional (censored!) colourful language.

Posted by Barbados Sailing Week on Tuesday, 23 January 2018


“I used a Starboard 377. Conditions were terrible, huge seas up to 4 meters and frequent squalls with wind blowing up to 36 knots. Sailed a RSX 9.5m. Took me 5.30hrs. I was worn out, got bombed in some big surf and got injured. Trailed blood from a busted toe for the last 2 hours of the race. Half the yachts retired due to the big sea along with two other windsurfers. Was overcome with emotion to have finished.

– Trevor Hunte