Tristan Algret is a great slalom sailor. A young man with big dreams. He trains really hard to become the best. Most of all he enjoys his time surrounded by friends and family. We had a word with the slalom sailor who is in love with waves. Read the interview below.



How did you get introduced to windsurfing?

I started windsurfing with my father, he was a windsurfing instructor. To start windsurfing in Guadeloupe is really easy as we have perfect weather the whole year.


How was your 2017 season and what are your plans and goals for 2018?

The last season was busy for me. I finished my master degree in the same time as I was competing. I missed one event in Japan as I had to be back at school. But still I managed to be top ten until the PWA World Cup in Sylt were I did a mistake. That event put me down on the general ranking… At the end I finished 15th after a good event in New Caledonia where I was super close to win my first elimination.

2018 will be challenging… Now I dedicate my whole life to windsurfing. I invest in a lot of training to increase the time on the water so I can be fully ready before the first world cup event. I will live between Tarifa and Guadeloupe. It´s great to stay in Tarifa as I will be working on the 2020 Starboard iSonic slalom boards with Gonzalo. This will also give me a lot of time on the water as it´s super windy here.



Are you foiling a lot? 

Yes, I had good times in Guadeloupe this winter with the foil. It’s fun and less physical. I did many long distance foiling sessions upwind and downwind. I will try to compete in the foil races during the PWA World Cup.


Other disciplines?

I’m in love with waves… But I do it only for fun! After my professional career in slalom I will move somewhere in the world with my wave gear.


How does a week of training look for you? 

Depending on where I am in the world. I´m going minimum two days a week to the gym, and the rest of my training is on the water sailing slalom, waves or normal surfing.




Who is your biggest inspiration?

I am not especially inspired by someone… But I’m always looking around me and get the inspiration from everybody.


Who do you sail most with?

In Guadeloupe I always go on the water with my friend Bruno. If he’s not on the water, he’s on top of me with his drone recording amazing videos. The rest of the year I’m with the french boys on the World Tour!


Biggest dream?

Become World Champion with my family and friends around me.


How do you prepare for a day full of races during a World Cup?

Sleep well, eat well, visualize the race and play music non stop.


Favorite board and sail?

Starboard iSonic 107 with Severne Mach1 7.0



Favorite spots in the world?

Slalom: Guadeloupe – St Rose

Wave: Guadeloupe – North Outside Reef


Other hobbies?

Music and surfing.


Favorite car?

My van!


Favorite food?

Local food and fresh fish from Guadeloupe!


Music you listen to before sailing?

Dancehall, Soca, French and US rap music.


Best advise to get more people into windsurfing?

Come to Guadeloupe… After five lessons you will be planing!


What do you like about the Starboard iSonic slalom boards?

The slalom boards are easy, comfortable and easy to perform with. With a board like that you can just focus on your race!


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Photo credit: Gwen Mache Fuerteluz.