This year we are once again supporting the EFPT with its carbon footprinting efforts and offsetting.

After starting the carbon offsetting cooperation with EFPT in 2019, we are excited to announce that Starboard turns the Efpt carbon positive for 2021. We will be making the whole European Freestyle Pro Tour not only carbon neutral but take the extra stretch to turn the tour carbon positive!



75 Tons of CO2 = 75 planted mangroves in 2019




In 2019 Starboard introduced the EFPT with the idea of turning the whole tour carbon neutral.



This involved the carbon offsetting of all the travel emissions of the crew and riders. Furthermore, the emissions of boats and jetskis used in the events for tow-in, photography or rescue were also included. The cooperation with EFPT began halfway through the season in 2019. Meaning, calculations and offsetting only cover the final two events. Included in this, was an addition of 10% for possible abnormalities in the calculation. These two events account for the release of 75 tons of CO2. To plant the trees, Starboard works with the Worldview International Foundation. From the previous EFPT events, an additional 75 Mangrove trees are now growing in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar! Find out more about last years news here. 







Green initiatives by Starboard BLUE


So far Starboard has planted 650,000 mangroves, the miracle tree when it comes to CO2 absorption. Each tree can absorb up to one ton of carbon over 20 years. Importantly, this is five times more than any other types of trees! On top of that mangroves protect lives and land from extreme weather, like tsunamis and cyclones. They also provide perfect living conditions for seafood and fish, so their population can rise to 50%.


At Starboard trees are planted for every board we produce, we’re also consistently working on our eco-aware headquarters in Bangkok. Half of the energy used comes from renewable sources. The reason for this is due to working solar generating green power to the company. Furthermore, there is a ban on single-use and Starboard provides a fully vegetarian meal for all HQ staff, every lunchtime. Therefore, reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, even our drinking water passes through a machine which turns the Thai air humidity into a drinkable liquid. 


At Starboard HQ we realise our impact on the wider environment. Moreover, education programs, to ‘teach what we preach‘ have been developed with our support. By working with Protect Blue, we developed a one-year curriculum program for schools around the world, focusing on environmental issues. Only by shaping the awareness of the next generation, these ideas and actions are taken further in the future. All to save our blue planet and keep our playground clean and alive. 


Have you heard about Starboards very own Plastic Offset Program yet? Find out all about what we refer to as POP here. 



Starboard steps up to make the EFPT carbon positive


For this year’s collaboration Starboard turns Efpt carbon positive. Through calculating the emission of carbon dioxide released and then adding on 10%. Meaning, over time, the equivalent emissions of the previous EFPT events will be absorbed. Due to, the total emissions of the events in 2021 had an additional 10% added to the total for sequestration.

Adam Sims, CEO of the EFPT states:



“It’s an extremely exciting time on the tour, we are working hard on so many aspects and to already achieve goals like this so early on is really motivating. It’s been great work by the team to enhance what was laid out before and bring us to a point where we will see the future of the tour offset past events. Special thanks must be accredited to Starboard for aligning with our visions on this one and helping us achieve a responsible and bright future. The move goes hand in hand with our work over at AALVAA Media, where we are achieving a full carbon neutral media production. The whole team can be proud in the knowledge that everything we do and create is now done so without consequence to our planet. What’s next…”



Nico Prien, Starboard Windsurfing states: 



“For us at Starboard it’s extremely exciting to come across organizations that share our vision and want to be proactive in fighting climate change. With the EFPT setting an example in becoming carbon positive, we’re hoping to see more watersports events taking similar actions in the future. Now the eyes are on the EFPT, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else they can do, in order to run the events with a lower footprint.”


Starboard is once again so excited for this collaboration, and very proud that together in 2021 we are able to step up the efforts even further. Thank you EFPT for your strong commitment to helping recover our planet’s beauty!