Join the Starboard Windsurf design team????

The Starboard Windsurfing design team is looking for a talented graphic designer with strong artistic vision and photography skills to join the team in delivering world class windsurfing equipment.


The role includes:

1. Concept graphic design work (for boards, website, and catalog) – this task requires Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop skills.

2. Specifications graphic design work (these are the build specifications for composite boards and for inflatable boards) – this task requires Adobe Illustrator skills too.

3. Studio photography – this task requires professional knowledge of cameras, lenses, lighting and post production to deliver studio product shots.

4. Photo retouching and post production – this task requires Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop skills.

We’re looking for motivated and passionate candidates. A love for windsurfing and foiling would be a great bonus.

For more information, please send your cv, portfolio and intro email to /