Our dream team rider Matteo Iachino who is well known as one of the best slalom and foil windsurfers in the world just competed in his first speed event! He took part in “Prince of Speed” and speeded into a 2nd place! We asked him some questions of what he learned and maybe you can pick up some pro tips from the Slalom World Champion!


Iachino first run of the race!

Posted by Prince of Speed on Sunday, September 27, 2020


Hi Matteo! Big congratulations on your 2nd place in the “Prince of Speed event“! You have just started speed sailing, tell us about this speed event!

Hello there! It has been a super fun event organized in La Palme, France. The event was on hold waiting for the best 3 days forecast since the 20th of September. Andrea Baldini, better known as Principe, organized it.

What was the hardest part about speed sailing?

I think finding the right trim of the gear, the best way to line up before the run with so much wind and such a small board, and last but not the least the best line to be fast on the run.

What was your biggest learning point over the weekend? 

Probably learning how to sail with such a small board and particularly how to come back upwind after the run.

Is your sailing position different than when sailing on a small slalom board? 

It is a little more straight-up than usual in that strong wind but not super different.


How do you set up your footstraps?

Same as usual. I want to have the back foot pretty in but locked by the foot strap to feel the board while I leave the front a little looser.

Did you use asymmetrical fins? 

Yes, I did. Everybody does. I actually bought some starboard tack and some port tack ones just to be sure, but south of France offer mainly speed runs on starboard tack.

Are you planning to go to Namibia for the Speed contest in the future?

I would love to. I fell in love with the speed and I look forward to other events. If I find some sponsors to support the project I will go.

What are your Top Tips for people starting to sail speed?

First of all, do it because it is incredibly fun! Then get yourself sails in these sizes: 6.2, 5.5 and 5.2! Be ready to go fast! When you feel you are getting lifted that is the moment you hold on, and you will get a sick run!

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