Size Matters: UltraKode Choices


Float and Ride, or full speed towards some jumping ramps. Having the right size Ultrakode for your weight can make all the difference.

Using a wave board that is too big for your weight and sail size, can leave you feeling unable to make the turns you want. While a too-small board can prevent you from ever even getting onto those nuggets you dream of. To help you decide what will be the best Ultrakode size choice for your needs we have asked our Dream Team to give you some insights on what Ultrakode sizes they are using.

Jaeger Stone, Sarah Quita Offringa,  Flo Jung, Lennart Neubauer, Coraline Foveau,  and Rob Hofmann to answered the following questions:

  • What’s your height and weight?
  • Which UltraKode /Kode Sizes did you choose and why?
  • What Wind/Wave ranges do you use your boards in?
  • What Fin Sizes and Set up do you use and in which position?
  • If you had to choose just 1 size which would you choose?


Watch the Video’s below to find out which riders use which UltraKode sizes and decide what will be the best choice for you.


Ultrakode Size Matters: Sarah-Quita Offringa


Height and Weight: 180cm to 78kg

UltraKode Sizes: 76l, 80l, 86l

Fins: Thruster Set Up

Fin Sizes: 11 Sides, 18 Centre



Ultrakode Size Matters: Jaeger Stone


Height and Weight: 177cm, 73kg

UltraKode Sizes: 72l,  76l

Fins: Thruster set up

Fin Size: 11 Sides, 17Centre



Ultrakode Size Matters: Flo Jung


Height and Weight: 184cm 89kg

UltraKode Sizes: 80l, 86l

Fins: Thruster set up

Fin Size: 11Sides, 17.5 (18.5) Centre




Ultrakode Size Matters: Lennart Neubauer


Height and Weight: 180cm, 67kg

Ultrakode Sizes: 65l, 72l

Fins: Thruster set up

Fin Size: 10 Sides,  14.5/15.5 Centre



Ultrakode Size Matters: Coraline Foveau


Height and Weight: 178cm, 61kg

Ultrakode Sizes: 65l and 72l

Fins:  Thruster set up

Fin Size: 10 Sides, 16 Centre


Ultrakode Size Matters: Matteo Iachino


Height and Weight: 187cm, 93kg

Ultrakode Sizes: 80l and 93l

Fins:  Thruster set up

Fin Size: 11 Sides, 19 or 20 Centre



Kode Size Matters: Rob Hofmann


Height and Weights: 180cm, 92kg

Kode Size: 105l

Fins: Thruster set up

Fin Size: 13 Sides, 20 or 22 Centre



Kode Size Matters: Franz Orsi

Height and Weights: 186cm, 84kg

Kode Size: 105l and 86l Ultrakode

Fins: Thruster set up


Are you still unsure which wave board to choose?

Check out the product pages of our Kode and UltraKode for more details.


Based on our Dream Teams answers of which UltraKode size they would choose if they could choose just one size we made the following table:

Weight / Board Size Ratio :

50-60kg: 72l
60-70kg: 76l 
70-80kg: 86l
80-90kg: 93l
90-100kg: 105l Kode
100-110kg: 115l Kode

For Riders who are heavier than 90kg’s we recommend also looking at our Kode Range, where we offer Sizes 105l and 115l.




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