Size Matters: Ignite

Choosing the right size freestyle board for your weight is crucial. We know that size matters also for our Ignite’s and that is why we have 3 sizes to choose from. The Ignite is a hybrid board that comes with 2 different fins and foot strap settings. This allows you to transform your high-performance freestyle board into a fun, super fast and comfortable freeride board just with the help of one screwdriver.

Ignite size matters because for freestyling it is important to have a board that is; as small as possible but as big as necessary. Being small in size makes the board easier to handle and lighter during your moves. But a bigger volume will help you to float easily, start planing and generate speed as quickly as possible.

Starboard’s Ignite comes in 3 sizes:

87l, 93l, and 103l

Find out which size our freestyle Dream Team chooses to compete with for different conditions. Sarah-Quita, Oda Johanne, Steven Van Broekhoeven, Lennart Neubauer and Dudu Levi answered the following questions: 

–  What’s your weight?
–  Which Ignite sizes did you choose and why?
–  What wind range do you use your boards in?
–  What fin sizes do you use?
–  If you had to choose just 1 size which would you choose?

Size Matters: Ignite

Sarah-Quita Offringa                                    Oda Johanne 

Weight: 78kg                                                  68kg

Ignite:  93l and 103l                                       Ignite:  87l and 93l

Fin: 19 and 20                                                19



Size Matters Ignite Steven van Broekhoven

Size Matters: Ignite

Steven Van Breokhoeven

Weight: 82-85kg

Ignite: 87l and 93l and 103l

Fin Size: 19cm, Steven says that he uses the exact same fin in all his Ignite’s

Fin: During the video there is a 20cm LSD prototype fin in Steven’s ignite, he explained later that he is testing and developing with this brand at the moment.



Size Matters: Ignite

Dudu Levi

Height: 180cm

Weight: 72kg

Ignite: 87l and 93l

Fin: 20cm


Size Matters: Ignite

Lennart Neubauer 

Weight: 67 kg

Chosen Board: 87l 

Fin: 19cm and 20cm


Based on our Dream Teams answers of which Ignite size they would choose if they could choose just one size we made the following table:

Weight / Board Size Ratio :

50 – 67kg: 87l
67kg – 85kg: 93l 
80kg – 100kg: 103l

Want to know more about our new Ignite?

Find all the details here.



Size matters for all our boards and is perhaps the most important factor regarding high performance. To help you choose the right size high-performance boards for wave sailing and slalom racing we have asked our Dream Team which sizes they choose.
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