Size Matters: Find the right iSonic size for you

Our Dream Team Riders give you insides on which iSonic sizes work best for their different weights.


We believe that for slalom sailing, size matters. Starboard’s iconic iSonic boards have won more PWA Constructor Titles than any other board on the market. Their effortless jibing ability tackled with easy top speed and early planing performance has made the iSonic Board range to the number one choice for most performance addicts. Whether you want to take part in slalom competitions, race with friends while competing on a GPS track, or simply be sure to get the best possible performance from a high-end slalom board, the iSonic range has got you covered.

To suit each person’s individual weight and needs at Starboard we have designed 9 different iSonic sizes to choose from. While we are constantly working to improve the wind range of each board, they are all also designed to deliver the highest performance in different, specific wind ranges. Choosing the right iSonic size, therefore, matters to best cover your needs. We have asked some of our Pro Riders to give you some advice by answering the following questions:

What’s your weight and height?

What boards have you chosen to compete on in 2020?

Did you change your sizes?

What’s the wind range you use your 3 boards in?

What fin sizes do you use?

If you had to choose only 2 board sizes, which would you choose and why?



Watch the videos below to hear our dream team riders answer our questions and find out which iSonic’s will best suit your needs.


Size Matters: Matteo Iachino 196cm –  93kg

iSonic Sizes: 85 – 72 – 63


Size Matters: Sebastian Kördel 191cm – 87kg

iSonic Sizes: 85 – 72 – 63



Size Matters: Benjamin Augé 172cm – 72kg

iSonic Sizes: 77 – 67 – 60



Size Matters: Phillip Soltysiak 174cm – 71kg 

iSonic Sizes: 77 – 67 


Size Matters: Lena Erdil 165cm – 63kg

iSonic Sizes: 77 – 67 – 60



Here’s a Table based on the Answers of our Riders:

83 kg – 110 kg  = Isonic 63 / 72 / 85

75 kg – 83 kg = Isonic 63 / 72 / 83

60 kg – 75 kg = Isonic 60 / 67 / 77

50 kg –  60 kg = Isonic 60 / 67 / 72


If you want to use only 2 Board sizes:

iSonic 63 and 72

iSonic 67 and 77




Not sure if the iSonic is the right board for you?

Check out our test-winning freerace board the Futura. Futura’s come in very similar sizes to our iSonic’s and are designed for technical windsurfers seeking the impossible: maximum speed combined with comfort, control and jibing precision.  Load up, go as fast as you want, on waters as rough as you find, the Futuras deliver maximum average speed with total confidence.