We took a word with our French rider Romain Cordier. The 21-year-old sailor lives in Wissant, north of France. He´s in the second year of his studies to become a physiotherapist and simply just loves to windsurf in waves. Read a quick interview below.


How did you get into windsurfing?

I started windsurfing at the age of 6 with my father and my brother at Wissant. It´s my home spot from the very beginning and I still train a lot here.


Tell us about your local spot?

For me, Wissant is the best spot in the world, except when it´s winter. Then it’s really cold. It works very well with a southwest wind. When that starts blowing we have the best conditions and a lot of fun on the water. From September to March we normally get a lot of great waves as the swell is normally big at that time of the year.


Who is your biggest windsurfing idol?

That is Jason Polakow! He has an aggressive style and he is taking risks in big waves like very few others.


What is your favorite board?

I sail with the Starboard UltraKode 80L and 86L and I think these are the two best boards I´ve ever had. They are very easy to jump with and easy in the waves. I’m using the thruster fin set up with these two boards.



What is your biggest windsurfing dream?

My dream is to surf Jaws in a few years! Hahaha… My plans and goals for the near future are to compete in the PWA wave world tour and travel to great places for windsurfing.


Tell us about your best windsurfing trip? 

My best windsurfing trip was in Galicia. It was a road trip with 3 friends for 2 weeks. ´We sailed all the spots at the west coast of Galicia and camped in the wild. We had no pressure or stress, just surfing and windsurfing all day long. It was really great!


Photos by Nicolas Peltier.