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Boards designed just for foiling


Flying over the sea without a sound, zipping along silently close to thirty knots. What could be more fun?


Key features


– Wide tails –

– Sharp rails –

– Thin boards –

– Ultralight foot straps –

– Designed by the Foil World Champion team –


Five foil-dedicated boards updates the 2019 range. Their wide tails will give you more control over the foil and better performance upwind. Their rails are sharp around the entire board. This allows the board to get planing and reach take off speed more easily. Additionally, the board will bounce off the water if you clip the water surface instead of sticking and throwing you into a catapult. Keeping the boards thin also give you more control and balance when in flight. We’ve also made sure that the footstrap inserts cover a wide variety of foil geometries and skill levels.

Foil 177 – A racing machine built to win

1st & 2nd overall last year and already 4 times on the podium this year

Thin and shaped with an ultra-wide tail, the 177 climbs upwind and holds itself steady in the most difficult conditions. The ultra-wide nose generates massive lift to give it the earliest take-off, helps it find the deepest downwind angles and allows racers to tack and take-off as fast as possible. Go for maximum VMG or bear off to gather speed: the 177 is designed to put the odds on your side and give racers all the options.

Available in Carbon Reflex.

Make your foil experience a lifetime memory

Re-designing and re-exploring all the parameters possible we managed to make a board range that will make your new foil experience a lifetime memory. A straighter outline providing a more parallel stance for comfort in air. New rail shapes and new volume distribution from nose to tail for balanced flights. A wider area on the nose and redefined rocker line to be able to have a lift at slow speeds plus a lot of control at higher speed. Our racing machine 177 has proved to be the most comfortable and easy board out there covering a huge range of wind from 5-30 knots, winning the 1st official PWA Foil event ever.
Gonzalo Costa Hoevel – on the new 2019 Foil Boards.

FOIL 144 – A playful light wind foil board

The freeride choice for lighter winds. It’s short so you foil on this board using a more upright foiling stance. Then it will reward you with a compact, lightweight feel during flight with instant reactions. Available in Flax Balsa.

foil 122 – The best seller

Our best-selling foil board that carries over into the new season. It’s longer and designed to be the easiest and most fun foil board in medium winds. The body position is the same as normal windsurfing, allowing many windsurfers to transition from planing to foiling totally naturally.

Available in Flax Balsa.

Foil 111 – Foil board for stronger winds

If you’re a high-level windsurfer using a 5.6m2 sail or smaller, this is the board for you. Short, compact, ultra-reactive and lightweight underfoot, the 111 is the most fun foil board of the family.

Available in Flax Balsa.

Foil 100 – For Foil Loops and Freestyle

The niche little brother. The most advanced foilers in high wind conditions using the smallest sails will love this board. Like the 111 but even more extreme, the 100 is for when you’re looking at foil loops and freestyle.

Available in Flax Balsa.

Relive feelings of passion once more

“The first time I flew, it was a revelation. A mind-blowing, magical, memorable moment on par with those early planing days. Don’t we all remember the first time we got planing? Who would have thought that there was another hidden level in windsurfing. We windsurfers savor those memories and here we are, with an opportunity to relive those feelings once more. Flying over the sea without a sound, zipping along silently close to thirty knots. What could be more fun? The foil adventure begins.” – Tiesda You – Brand Manager of Starboard Windsurfing

Drake ultralight slalom race FOOT STRAPS

Our Foil boards come with a new generation of Drake Ultralight straps. These straps are ideal for foiling when foot pressure is lighter than regular windsurfing. Conventional footstraps can feel too stiff and sticky. The Ultralight’s elongated screw slots also allow the rider to set their back strap extra-wide using hole spacings further apart. This allows the rider’s foot to shift forward for downwind and backwards for upwind, giving perfect trim-adjustment on the fly.

Foil BOX

The Foil Box is larger and stronger than a normal fin box to distribute loads over a larger area. It is built using solid sheets of 20 mm thick high-density PVC with 8 mm thick carbon fibre walls, and has a flat, parallel bottom which allows the box to take both types of foil bases: tapered ‘Tuttle-style’ base and rectangular foil bases.

In either case, it is strongly recommended for the front of the foil’s base to reach the bottom of the box. This ensures that the vertical lifting load from the foil will be carried by both the front wall of the box and the bottom wall of the box.


Wings, fuselages and masts can be interchanged or upgraded to match rider style, budget, foil racing conditions and sport discipline.

Foils available on:

Flax balsa for the 100 – 111 – 122 – 144

Our most innovative technology. Natural end-grain balsa covers the bottom of the board, providing the board with its overall stiffness and reduced weight. The full sandwich deck uses natural uni-directional flax fibres and carbon stripes to reinforce and stiffen the most stressed sections.


Our lightest, flagship construction that combines the lightest biaxial carbon and uni-directional flat-weaved carbon to make the lightest foil board possible.

ModelsFoil 100Foil 111Foil 122Foil 144Foil 177
TechnologiesFlax BalsaFlax BalsaFlax BalsaFlax BalsaCarbon Reflex
Volume100 l111 l122 l144 l177 l
Length216 cm215.5 cm231 cm213 cm228.5 cm
Width63.5 cm70.5 cm75.5 cm87 cm91 cm
Tail Width52.5 cm57.8 cm62.2 cm65.9 cm88.3 cm
Thickness10.5 cm10.5 cm10 cm11 cm12 cm
Footstraps Rows22222
FinboxFoil BoxFoil BoxFoil BoxFoil BoxFoil Box
Sail Range3.5 - 6.5 m24.5 - 7.5 m24.5 - 8.5 m25.5 - 9.8 m26.5 - 10.0 m2
Weight Carbon----9.20 kg
Weight Flax Balsa6.71 kg7.34 kg 7.98 kg8.80 kg-

For Proper Foil Installation:

Make sure that the top of the foil’s mast makes full contact with the bottom of the board’s foil box. This full-contact gives maximum support to the foil and sets the mast firmly at the recommended angle.

Use the teeth washer upside down for both Foil Torx screws to tie the foil at the max and to avoid any damage.