160-210 cm ⌀27mm

190-240 cm ⌀29mm


The Flight. The boom that acccommodates sails using deeper profiles,
allowing for more power and efficiency in lighter winds.

Key features


– 40 % wider profile than conventional booms –

– Light weight –

– Narrow diameter on the 160-210 (27mm) –

– Medium diameter on the 190-240 (29mm) –

– Light Flex increases overall pumping power and comfort –

40% Wider

The Flight’s radical new sail concept required a new wide-boom design. So we developed the Flight boom, an alloy boom 40% wider than conventional booms.

Exposes more sail area to the wind

Just like our wider boards in the past, the Flight boom allows for more power and
more efficiency in lighter winds: it accommodates sails using the deep profile, power-to-weight ratio concept and creates a more vertical sail angle that exposes more sail area to the wind.

In the picture; early prototype without EVA grip.