Welcome To The Dream Team Nico


We are excited to announce the latest transfer to our Dream Team: Nico Prien joins the Starboard Team from 2021 onwards.  Most of you will probably have come across his Youtube Channel or know him from following the World Tour. But that’s not all, Nico is not only joining our riders Dream Team but will also take on a role as an assistant manager in our windsurfing department. Nico’s passion for windsurfing and marketing leave no room for doubt that he will be a great addition to our Team. We look forwards to this new partnership and promise that you all have lots to look forwards to as well.




Nico Chop Hopping his iSonic In Fehmarn

Nico Prien’s Statement: 


„I’m ecstatic to not only ride Starboards from 2021 on but also work on supporting the brand in the management aspect. Starboard being the only windsurfing company that genuinely and actively considers the environment in all their actions, is the perfect match for me. I’m thrilled to work closely with Svein Rasmussen and Tiesda You who both have shaped the windsurfing world in the last decades.

Realistically this will probably mean that I’ll take part in competitions less compared to the previous years. Of course, I will still want to be the fittest and best version of myself and do well in certain competitions; being able to compete on Starboard’s iSonics and foil boards will help tremendously with that. On the other hand, a lot of interesting new things will come my way with this move that I’m more than excited to document and share on YouTube.“


Some more quick questions with Nico Prien: 

How did it happen?

Since I’ve been digging into sustainable economics since a while, Starboard obviously has been on my radar. When Svein himself gave me a call to see whether I’m interested, it was clear quite quickly that this is the only logical step to take for me.


What will your tasks be?

Next to my activities as an ambassador, I will work in the Brand Management for Starboard. That means that I’ll be involved in the whole process from developing the product, up until the launch and everything that comes along with it, such as marketing.



What does that mean for competitions and your living situation?

I will spend a lot of time in Starboards Headquarter in Bangkok. My main hub will remain Germany and Europe though.


Nico also just released a new Vlog where you can see him in action on our iSonics and sailing in Germany.

Check it out now to hear all about this change first hand and get excited for this new chapter.