New Windsurfing Quick Tips Video Series with Sam Ross


At Starboard we are extremely excited to launch Sam Ross’s new windsurfing quick tips video series on our Youtube Channel. The first two quick tips called “Front Hand Positions” and “Stance”  have already been released and till the end of March, we will be releasing a new Quick Tip clip every Monday. To never miss out on updates you can subscribe to our channel and get notified about all our newest uploads. For those of you who haven’t heard about Sam Ross, Aka the Badger we would like to introduce him briefly.  Sam Ross is one of the UK’s most qualified and experienced Windsurfing coaches and has been releasing coaching videos for over a decade now. To find out more about Sam and his work read the Interview below. 


Windsurfing Quick Tips


Hi Sam, you are one of only a few RYA Advanced Plus Trainers and WindFoil Trainers in the UK as well as a race coach tutor and in fact, you helped put together the new WindFoil syllabus. You were greatly involved in the process of defining how best to teach people to foil. What is your most important tip for people who want to start foiling?

The most important tip would be ‘keep hold of the boom’! That way you always stay clear of the foil. But seriously when you first try, make sure you are on a good setup and go out in a bit of breeze, ideally over 10 knots. That way you’ll get the feel quicker and be able to progress into lighter and stronger winds really fast. 

What’s the idea behind the new ‘Windsurfing Quick Tips’ Series we just started releasing? 

The quick tips series is something a bit different. Rather than looking at specific moves or anyone method, it looks at some key windsurfing principles that can impact your windsurfing from beginner all the way through to more advanced moves. My hope is it will help people have a focus on the water and be able to make quick improvements without always having to have a coach there.

At Starboard we are all already super excited for your ‘Flight School’ videos coming out soon. What will this series be about?

As you can guess from the name, this series is all about Foiling. I made the first series a couple of years ago and this expands on that. It looks at more angles, more details and also goes from First Flights all the way through to increasing speed and different types of gybes. It also looks at some setup options to help you get the best out of your kit

One last question, what’s your favourite Starboard in our 2020 range?

My favourite Starboard is 105 FoilX or 177 Foil I love how stable they are in the air!

Thanks for this Interview Sam.
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Sam Ross foiling
You can also check out all of Sam’s projects on his webpage.