At Starboard we are excited to introduce to you the new name for our olympic foiling board. Aligning the name of our new olympic equipment with Starboard’s core values of INNOVATION and QUALITY the iFoil becomes iQFoil.

Dear Friends

We are so happy to say that at Starboard we are well on our way to meet World Sailing’s February 2020 ex factory shipment date request of the new Olympic windsurfing gear.

Going forward the class will be named the iQFoil class.

The evolution came about since we were informed that our trademark request for iFoil was not accepted in Germany and the USA.

Looking forward to see Innovation and Quality engraved into our Olympic foiling future, the same way as we at Starboard have promoted IQ as our slogan over the last 20 years.

More info here.


Thanks for your support.

Svein Rasmussen

Chief innovator