Matt Schweitzer: The First World Champion in Windsurfing

His dad invented windsurfing and later on Matt Schewitzer became the very first world champion in windsurfing. Read the interview below. How did you get introduced to windsurfing? My father invented the sport, and I got introduced to the sport at a young age. How did...

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What´s Up Matteo Iachino?

A quick update from the 2018 Vice World Champion Matteo Iachino: "Hello everyone! After the World Cup in Sylt, I’m taking some time to recharge my batteries. I ´m looking forward to another great season in 2019. I’ve been relaxing at home and been enjoying some great...

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Sarah-Quita and Oda Johanne – Lovely Holiday

  Beatrice used to be one of the tourists that would come to Jeri to just enjoy the caipirinha’s and watch the windsurfers sail into the sunset. Until one day she was very curious to find out what the fuss was about this windsurfing and why these windsurfers would...

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