Slalom World Champion and Starboard Team rider Matteo Iachino gives us a tour around his parent’s house. This is where he stores all his gear between training and competition travels. Slalom, foil, surf, and wave gear is what he has a lot of. Can you count all his fins?


Hi Matteo! Thanks for showing us around your storage in Italy! What are your plans for the rest of 2020?

I´m already in Tenerife because we’re organizing the winter training! We have a big update. We will have slalom training as usual, but beside that we will also offer iQFOiL training! A new plan is coming where we connect the iQFOiL training with my windsurfing center. Here we can offer plans with storage, wave gear, surfing and winging together with the 4 days per week training on the water. Like that we can keep the teams busy on the water every day.

A document will be ready this week explaining everything, but I can tell you the iQFOiL training will be perfect for everyone. The riders can escape the cold winter, and enjoy long days on the water with warm temperatures, wind every day and most important a crew that is ready to offer the best service on the water with years of experience.

The slalom training will be as good as usual but with some improvements!

We all know you for competing in foiling, slalom and iQFOiL. Will you do that in 2021 also?

I hope I will be able to focus 100% on PWA. Slalom is what I really like and I really missed it a lot. Riding on my iSonic is something I really look forward to! The PWA 2021 season looks like it´s going to start full power again if the virus allows it and I will be ready!

How many fins do you actually have in total?

Hard question. I have no idea… 50 maybe? Maybe more… It´s better not count them haha…

Good luck with the training and we look forward to see you on the race course as soon as possible!

Thanks and see you all soon!