Words by Lena Erdil:

I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of a new project I’ve been working on with my good friend and now business partner Katharina Seelack. Over the past year, we have created a new brand called MyWindstories. On our new Webpage www.mywindstories.com we offer windsurf camps for girls, as well as a Platform with a Blog and Forum with the aim of connecting and growing the windsurf girls community. 


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My Windstories and what it is all about?

The project is about Windsurf camps specifically for girls and it’s called MyWindstories.

We named it My Windstories because we believe in the concept and importance of storytelling and learning from each other’s stories. This is what we experienced at the first Camp in 2019. Besides the windsurf coaching we found that connecting by sharing our stories was a great source of motivation for all the girls and that it strengthens the sense of community and belonging. It left us wanting to create something wholesome so that the girls who meet at the Camps could also have a platform and community to stay connected once the Camps are over.  Or even just simply use the MyWindstories to share and be inspired by other girls who like the same things.

We have launched the webpage today and for 2020 we got 3 Camps available for booking. The locations are Lake Garda, Leipzig, and Fuerteventura. We have chosen these locations based on their geographical position and wind stability. Easily accessible by car for people in Central Europe and Fuerteventura, easy to reach from almost every airport in Europe. We have partnered up with Windsurf Centers who offer our Girls special rental deals and a great variety of equipment. The Camps are open for most levels of windsurfing and we offer foiling lessons as light wind alternatives in both Leipzig and Lake Garda.


Girls Windsurf Camp


We believe that what sets our Camps apart is our all-inclusive coaching approach. We combine coaching techniques such as video analysis and equipment knowledge/tuning with a fun and safe learning environment that makes it easy to progress. Usually one of us is demoing the moves and the other one is coaching from the boat or our coaching basis. On top of all the windsurfing together we also want to give our Girls the tools they need for a successful recovery. Kathi is a professional physiotherapist, athletic and Blackroll trainer and has prepared a special mix of training and recovery sessions for our Camps. She is also available for individual training and physiotherapy sessions.

You can find out all the information regarding our camps and coaching techniques as well as a little more information about who we are on our Webpage: www.mywindstories.com 

Lena Erdil

Professional Windsurfer