Jaeger Stone in West Australia

Enjoy this awesome wave clip of Jaeger Stone from earlier this year when he was sailing in West Australia. This clip was shot over a couple of days after he returned from his knee injury. He tells us it was nice to be sailing again, having fun, and building up his confidence. After watching this clip we must say he looks very confident on his board!

2021 Starboard UltraKode

Jaeger is using the 2021 78L Starboard UltraKode that we just released last week. The board comes in 78, 82, 86, 93, and 100 liters. The two smallest sizes 78 and 82 are designed by Mark (Jaeger´s dad) and Jaeger Stone. The new 78 comes with thinner rails in the tail, slightly more tail kick, an increased overall thickness of 5 mm, and 1cm more width to make it more versatile and cover more range. The UltraKode 82 has a more compact length with a shorter tail and more thickness. The overall result is more control, more maneuverability when riding waves in light winds, and a wider range.

Footage: Elii Design, Chelsea

Music: The Cure – The Walk